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Clone Wars Episode 9 December 7, 2008

It’s very rare for a tv show to start off on all cylinders. Even more rare for one whom’s first public spotlight was a movie that was, generally perceived as slightly topping mediocre. Were I remotely smart I would’ve taken all of that into account to temper my disappointment with the first couple of episodes in the series.
Learning from that mistake I’ll hold off my excitement until I see more. In a bubble this episode is some of the best star wars action I’ve seen since the first clone wars series from Genndy Tartakovsky. This is the first episode where I got a real sense of consequence for any of the characters and that may have something to do with shifting the spotlight slightly off our main heroes. We get a heavy dose of luminara this episode as well as some senate commandos.
I honestly can only think of a few things more worthy of a half an hour of your time. And currently going outside of the brave and the bold there isn’t anything on tv that provides close to as good a value for your time.