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Why Scalzi can stick a spoon up his nose June 2, 2013

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He’s not the president of the USA. He’s not the president of a major fortune 500 company. He’s not the president of a home owners association.

He’s the president of a select group of writers. They write. They read. They publish. The organization has 1 (one) official paper. You would think he could read it. You would think he could see the blatant sexism and stop it if he actually cared. But let’s continue to praise this white dude for being such an upstanding feminist sci fi writer. Homeboy is going through standard bullshit apologies and doing the whole “I take full responsibility for my actions” garbage which means nothing in this instance. Taking full responsibility would’ve meant doing something before hand. Reading the article in it’s entirety there is no way he thinks they would’ve been open to some editorial direction. What would he have changed? A word here? A phrase there? The entire tone of the SFWA article was to praise sexism (and also racism). The article in question would’ve had to be entirely rewritten by a different human being, and thus not be the same article. Because there is nothing of value in it.

Why do you need a task force? This shit isn’t hard to stop. Maybe change the focus of your organization from protecting the interest of 50 year old white dudes?

But white dudes gonna stay reppin for white dudes and all you suckers are just gonna keep falling for them.