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The Man who loved breasts November 12, 2008

Never in my life have I found myself going from true enjoyment to pure boredome in reading the same panel of a book. Book starts off about a desk jockey who hates his job and wants to do other stuff so he makes custom bras. A few decent boob jokes but it’s really just bland. It’s bad generic and goes nowhere. It’s one of those true life fantasies that falls flat. Whatever. From there it goes to a story about a guy who wants to wank off at a fertlity clinic and the big joke falls well short. It gives itself away too soon and there’s negative amounts of payoff. maybe that’s the joke. finally the least funny story about a comic book writer saying how dumb he is to king arthur. Maybe it’s some social commentary about how dumb we are or just how dumb he is, but it’s not funny and serves no point. Glad my neighbor paid for this drivel instead of me.

Possibly again I’m just not indie enough.


First Impression August 10, 2008

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Entertainment needs two reviews. I think most products could benefit greatly for it. I know this isn’t some revolutionary idea. Just was thinking about it now and thought it a great idea to write it down. When I watch movies, read books, play games or take in media of any kind I tend to react emotionally to them and come up with a quick opinion. I’ve written reviews before and will write them again fairly soon. When I write them I normally ignore the first feeling and write the review after I’ve had time to think about it. I think I want to start writing two reviews for most project.

For instance, I love the transformers movie that came out last year. It was a lot of fun watching it in theaters. The second it ended I thought it was a 10/10. Perfect thrill ride movie. I just sat down and let it wash over me. For those two hours it was just awesome. Now afterwards the movie isn’t as good. It has lots of weird scenes that probably don’t need to be there, the acting isn’t all that strong, the fight scenese are a little hectic and so forth. Yeah, not perfect.

In the long run you should probably go with the more thought out impression of the movie, but something has got to be said for that first experiance you have with a product. If you listen to a cd once and hate it don’t ignore that. Say something about it, and then later on write another review saying you like it. It’s not going to make you loose any credibility. It just means you’re a human with rapidly changing tastes. Nothing wrong with that.