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Posts From the Internet: X-men June 8, 2011

These posts aren’t well written or thought out. They’re just comments or emails for other sites that I’m putting on my blog. 

Racialicious  X-Men First Class: Open Thread

Ignoring the cliche of killing off the black guy first, and having him be the only character death in the movie there are still huge problems with that scene. First the “slavery” thing was too much. How did the editors even think that was a good idea?
Secondly, and more importantly, Shaw says to Emma earlier in the movie “We don’t kill our own.” Not only that, but he deems the act of trying to save a friend a noble thing. All that says is that Darwin, by virtue of being black, isn’t “one of their own” and so he can die. As much as I enjoyed the rest of the movie, that scene makes me never want to support anything “X” related on film again. The handling of this was so sloppy and trite, and I cannot believe that people who proved themselves to be competent writers would see this and not think twice about it.
It is also super crappy that the colored woman was a stripper (because that’s really all black women are good for, is sexualized fodder) and became a badguy. It’s super crappy that all the women did the sexy seducing thing at some point in the movie. (maybe Moira didn’t technically seduce anyone, but the stripping down to sexy undergarments to sneak into the club counts enough). Emma was treated like crap by Shaw and just put up with it, then when Magneto shows up for her she just goes along with him like that whole choking incident didn’t happen earlier.
I cannot believe that the writers of this movie actually were subtle enough to have all the characters of color side with Shaw/Magneto to show that those who are “othered” the most would not be okay trying to assimilate into culture since they aren’t allowed to anyway for reasons outside of their being mutants with so many other flaws. If all the women were sex objects, and they hadn’t broken their own logic and committed a horrible and trite cliche with Darwin, then maybe. They did those things, and I can only guess that they did it on purpose, or are just so ignorant to life they didn’t see how stupid their mistakes were.


Racism is Soooooo dead: World Cup Ref edition. June 29, 2010

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People love to get at the notion that racism doesn’t exist anymore and that nothing we do is motivated at all by it. Anyone who believes that stuff is just trying to be ignorant. So, here’s the newest bit of evidence in my corner. Been watching any of the soccer going on? If you have you’ll have heard about the Refereeing being bad. There’s  no doubt about that, it’s bad.  But I want you to go look at articles about the officiating and tell me what you notice. How many pictures of refs do you see? Yup.

There’s been no shortage of bad calls, and there seems to be the most focus on one ref in particular. Now, one reason is because his decision came against the US. I’m not minimizing this. Nothing here is black and white. What I’m saying is that people like Peter King went on a tirade about how awful it is that a referee from “a small African country” was even reffing the match. Okay. Seriously.  That’s not racially motivated? Why aren’t we mad that someone from a large European country or South American country royally botched the crap out of a call?

Of all these bad calls the one made by the nigger was actually one of the least offensive. It is absolutely undeniable that there was a foul on someone during that play. Nothing should’ve been called, but it’s much more forgivable than say, kicking KaKá out of the game for not touching anyone or that English goal not counting. For serious. How many pictures have you seen of the other refs. Here’s a Y! article about the refs. The article itself isn’t terribly offensive, but guess who’s photo headlines it. I never once on Yahoo saw a picture of the other refs when they blew calls. Or anywhere. They showed the African refs picture everywhere, right on the front of the sports section. His video was all over ESPN. I missed the English thing when it happened, when I found out afterwards I was just waiting for the outrage. People were upset, but where were the letter writing campaigns? Where was this notion that someone from where he was from had no business being in the tourney? It wasn’t there. Why? Cause we look at black Africans like they’re not as good as the rest of the world and clearly don’t belong on the same stage.