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GAMBLIN TIME! September 26, 2009

Nope. I still don’t gamble. I’m broke, and am not spending my last dimes on the chance some dude breaks his leg or the head coach has a Brad Childress/Herm Edwards moment at the end of game. Even more, I don’t want some 19 year old kid to determine whether or not I get to keep my  house. Screw that.

So here we go.

Take Florida state minus the 14.  Why? I can’t name a single player on South Florida. Granted it’s because I don’t care, but hey. Science is science.

Take North Carolina +2.5. I don’t trust GA Tech. Maybe they aren’t as good as we think this year. I think the Wreck are settin up for next season.

Michigan State +3 over Wisconsin. They can’t be terrible, right? They ALMOST beat a crappy ND team.

NC State in a Pick ‘Em over Pittsburgh. Why? Cause Wannstedt can’t win anymore. Total trap.

Take Florida +22.5. Kentucky sucks.

Georgia -13 over Arizona state. Sun Devils are already drunk.

ND -8.5 over Purdue. Purdue sucks. ND isn’t good, but Purdue is AWFUL.

Washington St. +44.5 over USC. W St. isn’t good. But I just think that if they score 9 points the spread is screwed. Winning by six touchdowns just isn’t easy at all. Well, maybe a little.

That’s it for this week. Let’s see how it turns out. Follow these picks to your own peril.