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Posts from the Internet: Fame September 27, 2009

I’m in love with this movie. It works so well. I don’t know what critics were looking for. This movie targeted it’s audience and nailed it. I seen it 2 times. TWO TIMES! In one day. <3. swoon. It’s fantastic.

It’s a movie made for, and targeted at young high school kids. 13-15 year-olds. But it nails that so perfectly. The music is awesome. I own the soundtrack now. There’s a lot of subplots that aren’t resolved. You don’t spend more than ten minutes with any individual kid’s story, but that works to it’s benefit. It’s goal is to explore the triumphs and tragedies of 14-18 year old kids trying to become famous from different backgrounds and in different disciplines. If it spent more time with any of the kids we’d have a three hour long movie. If we lose any of the characters we lose a lesson the movie is trying to teach. Almost every second of this movie is used to push a character moment. Not all of them tie into the overall story, but they all add depth to characters that could easily be lost. Also, not every character has the super successful story arch. Not every story is resolved. Some characters end in a very similar place to where they started, just older and wiser. Megan Mullaly almost stole the show in one scene. Kelsey Grammer’s role is good. Charles S. Dutton puts in another roc solid performance here. (It’s a play on words, not a typo. Losers). Debbie Allen was a nice throw in. Each of the kids were wonderful. Probably the most famous kid in the movie is that girl that plays Ashley in Hannah Montana. The one girl from 3LW is in the movie. If there is just one star it’d probably be her, or Collins Pennie.
This movie also didn’t over sexualize anyone either. I was worried about that, but it treated these kids like high school kids.
The best thing this movie did, though, was just let talented people be talented on camera. Everyone had a moment to shine somewhere and it paid off to great effect.

I’ll put up a full review later this week. This movie totally took advantage of me.