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Greatest Ballhog of All Time May 31, 2009

Four or so years ago after the Lakers Dynasty ended and Shaq went off to the east coast the nation couldn’t wait to pile on Kobe Bryant. He would do all he could around an absolutely terrible team to get them to the playoffs. Any playoff game they won was pretty much all on his shoulders. He was the best player in the league, hands down.

Now here we go again with LeBron James. He’s been to the playoffs a few time and can’t get it done. Instead of ripping him for not being a good enough team player we give him all the praise in the world.


So this guy goes out and scores forty plus points every game and is responsible in some form for every point scored by his team at the end of games and then his team looses, and somehow that’s not selfish? LeBron James, right now, is in the exact same place that Kobe Bryant was four years ago. He’s the best player in the league with a rag tag group of nobodies around him that won’t show up when he needs him too. The only difference is that instead of ripping LeBron to shreds for not getting it done we make excuses.

I say no! No excuses for “The King.” He’s the crowned ruler of the NBA. No one has seen a talent like him in all theird days. He can play and guard every position on the floor. He makes all his teammates better. He’s a good guy, and all around hero to Ohio. Good hometown boy. He just can’t take his team to the summit.

Let’s not get carried away here. His team does suck, but so does L.A. Pau Gasol is a baby. Lamar Odom only shows up on Missionary Sundays. Andrew Bynum can only play for four minutes at a time. A dude named Shanon should never be the second toughest player on your team. Derek Fisher couldn’t guard me right now. No really, I’d cross him up blindfolded in sandles a size too big. Dude’s a defensive corpse. I can only talk about Sasha Vujacic in derrogatories. Ariza tries hard bless his heart, sometimes, maybe. I think Luke Walton died.

I’m done, but that’s the thing. This lakers team is ALL Kobe. And it was last year, and has been since shaq left, and it’s not any better than Cleavland. If this team of pansies goes down it’ll all be on Kobe’s shoulders, but we’re already talking about how Cleavland HAS to get more help for LeBron, maybe Bron Bron just has to get better. Maybe he has to learn more.