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Just Started Bioshock Infinite March 30, 2013

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I’m literally half an hour into the game. That’s it. And it’s fucking shitshow. I can tell that this game was made by no one but white liberals. These people who think they are smart and doing something cool, but they’re disastrously wrong. There’s no way a single black person or native american person had even the slightest say in the way this game was made.

So, the game takes place in a sky city above america some number of years after the battle of wounded knee. This is important because they mention it over and over again. You see, this is a game made for white people to play and no one else. I already know that this is a failed idea of a utopia (because it’s the third game in the bioshock series and that’s what bioshock is about), but it doesn’t mean the white supremacy is any less disgusting. Parody isn’t parody and satire isn’t satire, when you’re literally just doing what you’re supposed to be lampooning.

So you play as a white man going to rescue a white girl from this place that literally worships Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin as gods. Some other white dude who killed a bunch of Indians at wounded knee founded this place and his wife probably died or something and you’re here to kidnap his daughter. But people are literally praying to the white dudes who founded the shitshow that is America.

Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be satire, but it doesn’t work. In fact, it fails not ten minutes into the city when you get to a shooting gallery game. It’s supposed to have an old timey late 1800s early 1900s feel to it with the generic ludicrous salesmen and the cheesy state fair. But when you get to the shooting gallery, there’s just racist imagery of a black dude with distorted features hanging from the banner. Mind you, this society is entirely white and entirely homogenous. They make sure you overhear conversations about looking out for evil and being ever vigilant that no one strays from the moral path. People think someone may have a hint of an accent or something. It’s overdone McCarthyism.

The thing is, there’s no need for the racist imagery. None whatsover. I know the society is racist. It’s all white people. This is just that shit white people can’t help themselves from doing. They love using racist imagery any chance they get and will find any rationalization for it they can.

So here we are half an hour into a video game that is getting praised for it’s amazing story by the video games press and I’ve not seen one mention of how disconcerting the beginning of this game is going to be if you’re not happy about racism. If you don’t find racism funny. You just get onslaughted with “thank the founders the prophet kick this shit out of those evil Indians.” and “come shoot the darkie and maybe an indian princess though it’s hard to see her through the trees.”

Yes, there are white characters in the shooting gallery. Caricatures of poor stupid white people from rural areas and such, but when the game is all white and made by white people those don’t matter. There are no black people in this game. There are no Indian people in this game. So the only time you see or hear about this is with racist shit it’s not a parody, it’s a reinforcement of white supremacy. It’s not challenging anyone’s racist ideas, it’s reinforcing them. There’s no agency for oppressed people, we’re just jokes, and the only way for this story to make this seem offensive is for a white guy to shoot everyone, and we are still left without agency.

yeah, the story could change, but there’s no way to chance the main characters. They’re white. They read as white they act as white they’re played off as white. Just saying later on that they’re not won’t change the tone or nature of the story at all. So that excuse can sit back down before you start to say it.

First impressios do matter, and this is just an awful first impression, and the reaction to this game lets you know everything you need to know about the video game industry. Everything. This isn’t a bold story. This is the story white people always tell about racism. Racists are cartoon characters and the people effected by racism have no place in the story except to be helped out and saved by a white person. Preferably they can do it without ever being seen or heard from.