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Ad on my face August 26, 2008

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I find it odd that people are so offended by advertising. The very thought of having ads in people’s games, magazines, comic books, internet browsing or anything just draws their ire. I know it’s intrusive, and apparently takes you out of whatever illusion you’re in, but it’s not so bad. Hear me out on this one.

Everyone is a walking advertisement firm, and I think we’ll be a happier people if we just accept that. Ever have someone ask you what you use for your hair, what cologne you’re wearing, soap you use? If you tell them you’ve advertised. If someone comes to your house and sees your tv, your bed, your computer, anything you own you’ve advertised to them. I live in an apartment complex and purely by living there I’m advertising.

This sort of thing has been happening since the beginning of time. It’s how people knew what foods to eat and which watering holes were safe. If someone was mauled by a lion but ate a gazelle word spread that gazelles are to eat. The only difference was that no one was monotizing it, but it was still advertising. It’s a natural part of our evolutionary process.

Now there is a difference between natural advertising we do everyday and paid advertising that comes with our content, but it’s subtle. Someone is paying to show us something as opposed to us finding it on our own. But it isn’t all bad. If all paid advertising dropped off the planet you simply wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. It plays a bigger part in your life than you think. Say you’re marginally looking for a new car. You may have some things in mind, but a well time well aimed commercial could push you in the right direction. That car dealer offering insane financing on the model you want would never be able to reach out to you. You might not even know about every car available to you. You’d over pay at restaurants all the time because you wouldn’t know when sales were going on. Hell, you’d never see a coupon again.

Yes I’m being a bit extreme on this issue, but who isn’t on the internet? All I’m trying to get across inmy poor manner is that you really shouldn’t be bothered by advertising. It’s a part of your life you can’t get away from. Just learn to embrace it and give feedback. Instead of running away from it tell the advertisers what really works. They work in focus groups, but if the masses told them how they wanted things to be advertised you’d see a change.