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It’s not just assault rifles December 22, 2012

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It’s all guns. Period. End Of Story.

The overwhelming majority of gun violence commited in this country are carried out with hand guns. I understand that y’all get all tore up over some pretty white kids getting taken out in bunches by someone with an assault rifle. I know. But peep game for a second, way more black and brown kids get killed with hand guns on the regular. A lot of those deaths come by way of white dudes who either have an actual position of power (say the police), some trumped up position of power (say the neighborhood watch), or just feel like black people make them uncomfortable (say Michael Dunn, who murdered one child and attempted to murder three other children because he felt they were playing music too loudly in their car).

This isn’t new.  This has been happening for years. Every 40 hours a black male is killed by either the police or someone with similar authority like security gurads and what not. Sometimes plain clothes officers will just attack and brutally beat someone to the verge of death just for being a black kid like in the case of Jordan Miles, or they’ll just shoot the kid for nothing and make up reasons later. There are actually dozens of cases of shootings similar to the Trayvon Martin and Jordan Russell Davis where a white man with a hand gun kills a black person (often black boys) and the reason is nothing more than the black kid looked threatening. That’s always the excuse of the police.

And it flies, because in America only white kids are innocent. Only white kids are allowed to be mourned after being killed. When the Sikhs were murdered in their temple there was no mourning, no flying of American flags at half staff. That was some brown people killed by another white terrorist and it didn’t matter to anyone in the slightest. No calls for gun control laws after that. But let white kids be affected and now people care. We get it. Our lives mean nothing to white people. My entire life I have been deemed a threat not for any actions I’ve taken, but because black kids are threats. We are terrors and need to be controlled, and if murder is the means of that control then it is justified. So white people can use their hand guns to kill as many of us as they see fit, and no one will lift a finger to do anything about it.  You’ll fight for your right to keep your hand guns so that you can continue to kill us. It’s your right.

The founding fathers would actually be pleased to know that white people were out here wanton killing black folks with guns. God knows it’s what they were about.

And stop trying to blame shootings on mentally ill people. That’s straight garbage. That’s just another scapegoat for the actual problem of no one needs to actually have guns. “just don’t let those CRAZY people have guns.” That’s stupid. That’s so stupid. I’ll go along with not letting people with mental illness have guns if we classify racism as a mental illness. Then we can get all these cops off the street. Then people like Zimmerman and Dunn wouldn’t be out here shooting black kids for shits and giggles.  What mental illness are we blaming on all the people who get angry during a fight and reach for the most devastating weapon they can get their hands on? None. Know why? Because murder isn’t a product of mental  illness. It’s just not. Mentally ill people are much more likely to be victims of violence. It happens every single day.

Go check your schools and nursing homes. No one cares, because we treat anyone with a mental illness like they’re stupid or a child. When they say someone has been abusing them we just ignore it or laugh it off.  Clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about. They can’t get someone to investigate beatings and rapes on their behalfs, because we as a society don’t view them as people. The number of people with mental  illness who have been the victims of physical abuse and murder outstrips the number of people who have been killed by a mentally ill person by A LOT. It’s a huge number. So take your ableism and stick it in your craw.

Back to guns. The fact remains that we have a severe problem with GUNS. Not with assault rifles, with guns. You don’t need to have them. I don’t need to have them. The cops don’t need to have guns. All over the world cops don’t have guns and somehow manage to solve crimes without shooting people. Don’t give me the second amendment. The constitution said I wasn’t a person. It said it was okay for me to be owned by another human. That document is junk. The 13th amendment actually didn’t stop that. Look it up, kids. People owned slaves legally in America long after that. Not just convict leasing and debt slavery. Just straight up slavery. Because American law actually is kind of toothless with regards to protecting the personhood of black people.

What about my right to not be killed because I look like a threat? What about my right to not get shot for being in an argument with someone. That’s where a lot of gun violence comes from. Two or more people get angry. They have a fight. Most people don’t want to be in a fight. They don’t. So they look for the quickest way to end that fight. They’ll grab a chair or a bottle or a knife. People survive those things with much greater frequency than they survive gun shots. That football player who killed his girlfriend? No gun in that house there’s a good chance no one dies in that situation. Could he have used a knife? Yup, but it’s a slower process. He would have to really want her dead. Shooting someone takes no effort. You don’t have to think about it. That’s the danger of guns. That’s the power of guns. Murder comes in a second. Not just that, but accidental murder comes in a second. You try to shoot one person and miss. Bullet travels and kills someone else. White dude ended up killing two black people just shooting his gun off in his back yard. The parents asked him to stop, and he just kept shooting and woah, what you know? They’re dead.  A man killed his son by accident because he shot without figuring out what was going on. A woman killed her husband on a hunting trip by accident. Gun just went off. Knives don’t go off.

I’m sick of hearing white people tell me how they need guns to protect themselves. It’s a bit disgusting. Really it comes down to them not being seen as a threat worthy of death for owning a gun. If they own a gun it’s seen as protection. If I own a gun I’m a criminal. Weather I have the gun legally or not. I’m seen as a criminal. The cops will shoot me without question if they even suspect I might have anything that could even be slightly misconstrued as a gun. White folks don’t have that problem. So they cry about needing guns. They go to rallies talking about violently killing the president and his family if he tries to take their guns. This is seen as okay. Our whole society shrugs at it. Because the murder of black people is cool.

But let some white kids get shot.

Now y’all care about guns.


One Response to “It’s not just assault rifles”

  1. Nate Says:

    By and large, a powerful argument and passionate for sure…. My take of you’ll listen.. I am a white male, 44 and would be considered strong, menacing and probably for many stereotypes for the blue collar skills, sleeves-Harley riding and general appearance. Funny thing, I can clean up well and behind the wheel of my European SUV, in the burbs, I look middle class. I was also a firefighter and I’ve done my wild youthful debauchery back in the day.. Went to school during desegregation so was indoctrinated into the “sin town” “cherryville” gangland where blacks and Latinos were the overwhelming majority… I was them the gangly whetto from the burbs.. I’ve run in a suit and tie with high profile execs-I’ve run with felons and slingers.. I’ve partied at the top and slept in shelters… All history for me, and all the greatest history lesson the university of life can offer. I’ve been a life long democrat that loves to hunt, fish, shoot and so on.. I own three AR-15’s and numerous pistols and high powered rifles. One could say that I am my own demographic as I’ve never met another person with a like background.. 2 ex wives and two grown kids… A productive tax payer and law abiding concealed carry permit holder….
    So, there’s a brief qualifier on me: here’s my opinion…..
    U can’t tell me convincingly that gun violence, street violence and general abuse of powers aren’t shifted diisproportionately towards mynorities. The black community, Latinos and others…. Economics also lay a very real role as there is no doubt that poor white groups see a lot that wealthy middle class is mostly exempt from. Remember, I am speaking to years of first hand experience that would shock many, surprise more…..
    Violence to me is about “last stand” control over one another and in the absence of money, educational benefits (higher education) coupled with stereotyping and ingrained prejudices, violence will prosper when it’s what is the only seemingly viable tool to survive and live another day. Some facts persist that I feel support what I’m laying out here….. Demographically speaking, compare the available money, property and education relative to the various culture and groups and transpose the violent crime statistics with them… They are remarkably in sync.. I don’t qualify that statement as tacit, biggoted or hateful. It’s simply extrapolating the available data and letting the results make its own conclusion.
    So, what of it? Certainly supports that racism, hate and the darkness of man’s hearts exist, but also suggests to me that you can vaporize every single bullet, clip and modern firearm today and the violence would continue unabated… Albeit by different and more clever means. Further, I truly believe that anyone that would premeditate the demise of innocents directly without provocation IS organically unsound-sick-and not easily understood or proactively thwarted from carrying out the plans they make. The simple reason is that one can logically outthink and preconceive what someone like this might do simply because the thought process they exhibit, the perverse set of rules they follow are foreign to us.
    Why this latest mass killing is so visceral, so compelling and so abhorrent to so many in my opinion is because this has none of the hallmarks of so much of gun violence. In fact, we have an environment designed and in place that should be the least likely to see such horror and on such a scale.. Middle-upper class kids in a pristine community, secured facility and with no discernable political or religious red flags. Said school children are of the most pure of heart age in their young lives as well…. And one pathetic, weak little white kid, not even suitable for basic training can singlehandedly extinguish all those lives in less time than a gum class can run the track…..

    This scenario speaks to the very vulnerability that we as a people coexist in and the fear is palpable. If we can’t stop this, we must accept on some level just how vulnerable everyone of us is.

    Human nature seems to breed a need to assign guilt and blame, that perhaps on some level our fears are lessened as we draw our collective energies towards finding and theme eliminating the “believed” cause of same..

    In a sense, this same thought process could be use to describe our penchant for wars throughout mans existence.

    Human nature is never going to stamp out and remove the very part of us that has infancy been part of our evolution.

    Fear on every level is in my mind where we can bind violence-racism-sexism-Et al…. Fear is a much more powerful weapon capable of much more than a firearm….. In fact, we might conclude that in fact guns are a direct descendent of our fear based solutions. Far more driven by design with man on man use than hunting or sport.

    When we focus our collective energy on solving the very issues that lead to the killings, we solve most everything plaguing man since the dawn of…

    Till then, I take some degree of comfort knowing I armed and knowledgeable in self defense. More importantly, I am the person ready to react to protect anyone around me, family first, should the unspeakable happen. Take the guns away, only criminals and the mentally unfit will continue to have guns… Is that a safer world for you and your kids?

    More gun control, mandatory licensing and training, background checks, stricter laws regarding violations and sensible weapons available to the public. (Yeah, I am rethinking the real value of assault rifles now. Safe in my hands but perhaps the greater good of mankind dictates tighter control.

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