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Real Life: Where White People Benefit From Racism April 8, 2012

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I actually wrote this post on tumblr, it’s a mess.

Racism benefits white people in a number of ways. I shall mention some of them briefly. Racism allows white people to keep their history. There’s no “get over slavery it was so long ago” shit going on for white people. We have a holocaust museum so everyone remembers how bad that is. Where’s our big museum for the attempted (and successful genocide of a great number of peoples) genocide of Native Americans? Doesn’t exist, because that would make white people feel bad so as a society we can’t have that. So white people benefit. White people benefited from slavery, and continue to benefit from it to this day. White people benefited from Jim Crow laws and still do. White people benefited from the police being used to reinstitute slavery after reconstruction and still do.

White people benefit by getting the benefit of the doubt in legal proceedings. White children benefit by not having to worry about being charged as an adult at the age of 13 like black children so often are. White people benefit in general society by not being looked upon as criminals. White people don’t have to prove they’re not shoplifters before they walk into a store. White people can bum around and not have that used as proof of their vagrant condition.

White people are beautiful. White people have to go and take time to make themselves unacceptable in appearance to society. I just have to grow my hair a little. The male gaze white women talk about all the time actually kills black women. Kills them. White benefit from being able to look at black people in kindergarten and letting them know how ugly they are without getting even the slightest reprimand. White people benefit because white men can target Native American women for the highest incidents of rape by a stranger and no one talks about that. and White people benefit from never having to deal with the realization that not being white makes your life harder. They don’t have to be told they’re too sensitive when they get mad at classmates in first grade you a nigger. They aren’t told to “solve your own problems” when the white kids at your bus stop decide you’re just not getting on the bus that day and the bus driver does nothing about it. Your chances to succeed in life just by letting your hair do what it does are destroyed if you aren’t blessed with lovely straight hair. Also, white people benefit from not having grubby fellow white people put their grubby hands all in their hair all the time. White people aren’t a social experiment. White people aren’t made to answer for all other white people. White people benefit by not having the near extinction of their culture be mocked on a daily basis by white people who are too cool to stop wearing fucking head dresses. White people don’t have to deal with forced generational poverty at the hands of slavery and genocide. That’s a benefit.

White people get full acknowledgement of their intellectual achievements. Not like those asians who are just naturally good at math. White people get full acknowledgement of their physical achievements. Not like those naturally gifted negroes who were bred in the field to be strong natural athletes. White people get grants to visit people of color and study them to show how weird they are. White people get TV shows where they are allowed to further exoticize exploited people and have it be seen as a good thing. White people can hang out with fucking African Elephants. White people benefit from Apartheid. I certainly haven’t benefited form that. White people get to laugh at ghettos. White women benefit by being able to take the word slut back if they choose. The depth of acceptable cultural misogyny towards black women is absurdly high. White people actively benefit from the portrayal of stereotypes among people of color. White women are classy, not like those big booty black bitches. White women are the norm, not like those hot latina mamas with the fifteen kids but still can get whistled at cause I bet she says spanish shit when she about to come. White women who grew up right down the street aren’t exotic like the asian girl who grew up right down the street. White people benefit by not having to listen to some white dude tell you in college how much he’d love to just fuck a black chick.

White people benefit by not being used as the reason why welfare is bad. Let’s be honest here. No one thinks about poor white people when it’s time to fight against public assistance. It’s the illegal mexicans and the lazy black women who just have kids to get more welfare money. There aren’t signs hanging up saying how the most dangerous place for white kids is in the womb! White people benefit by not to think that having american atheists put up a sign against religion by using images of slavery could ever be even slightly off putting to anyone, let alone really fucking offensive.

Want to be in a movie? Be white. You chance of getting casts as an extra just went up by a billion per cent. Want to star in a movie? Be white. What to have people feel bad for you when you die? Be white. Cause we just saw that mother fuckers don’t give a shit about black people dying. Either real or fictional. Is a character in a book described as anything other than “big black jungle looking mother fucker?” They’ll be white when it comes time to make that movie. Is the main character of your new favorite show a person of color? Don’t worry. It’s entire fanbase will make sure to do nothing but produce fan art correcting that mistake and completely refusing to acknowledge how fucked up that is. (It’s cool Korra, I got your back). White people benefit by being in TV shows where there are nothing but white people and everyone thinking that is normal. White people benefit by being able to set their best selling fantasy series in Chicago (FUCKING CHICAGO) and having it be all white. Then when the author is asked about it say that it’s his fantasy and that doesn’t make him a racist. (fuck jim butcher). White people get to pretend that no one but them existed in Europe so all your epic fantasy books can be appropriately free of anything not fair skinned. White people see themselves on TV all the time. White people can choose all year to not watch one TV show or one movie without an all white cast and not even have to try. No one else here can do that. White people benefit from having their own history portrayed as default and standard. White people benefit from being able to tell people of color about their history, and correct them when they get it wrong.

Oh, back to beauty. White people have fucking FAIR skin. The fuck is that about? Also, when it comes to being sick or injured white people benefit by everyone knowing what colors to look for to see if someone is suffocating or if there’s a bad rash. They didn’t have to sit through health class after health class of everyone looking at you and asking you what color do YOU turn if you stop breathing and then someone making the joke that we should find out and everyone laughing like that shit is funny. White people benefit from being the default for everything. White people benefit from being able to pretend racism doesn’t benefit them. White people benefit from being able to believe that racism only hurts people. Let’s say a white person gets caught on campus with a weapon. White person has many excuses, person of color is a criminal and is dangerous. Tell me that isn’t beneficial. Again, how is it not beneficial to George Zimmerman to not be in jail right now?

OH OH! How is it not beneficial for white people when their children go missing for everyone to put out amber alerts and get time on the evening news? How is it not beneficial for white people when they go to some central american party location on spring break for them to get kidnapped and then everyone in the US being told they should care? That’s not a benefit? Cause let me fucking tell you guys, that shit aint happenin for me. Black kids go missing all the time and no one says shit about that on the news. Nope. It’s not a story. Only missing white children count as news stories.

White people benefit from racism by being able to shoot black people and get away with it. By not getting the full punishment for waking up and saying to themselves “I want to kill a nigger” then going to do it while filming it. Then white people benefit by this not being considered a hate crime. White people get to say they don’t FEEL like they’re benefiting from racism. White people get to FEEL like they’re being persuaded.

God, that’s not even scratching the surface of the ways white people benefit from racism. There’s so much more. Go read some books and study up on some shit. make yourselves all smarter, cause this shit is dishonorable. You cow is so freaking dishonored right now.

White people benefit from racism all day every day. There’s none of this bullshit about not “Truly” benefiting from it. That’s garbage. White people benefit all the damn time from racism. Real and Tangible benefits. White people also benefit subtly from racism. There is no way you can say that white people don’t benefit from racism. None. Not a single one. So don’t say it. Because when you say that, you say that racism isn’t actually a problem, and that racism doesn’t hurt anyone. And if you think racism hasn’t hurt me you can come tell me that to my face. I’ll rip your lungs out, Jim. aoooooo


One Response to “Real Life: Where White People Benefit From Racism”

  1. thank you for this blog. I googled ‘how do whites benefit from racism?’ and came to your blog. I am white Australian. I wrote a blog a while ago titled ‘I’m racist but…’, sharing my few insights into how all white people in Australia are racist. You already know it all, I’m sure, but if you’re curious, it can be found at http://www.metaphoricallysqueaking.weebly.com Warmest wishes, Wendy Andrews

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