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Things I liked in 2011 (Part 2 of ?) Music (Part 1 of 2ish) January 4, 2012

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It is no great secret that I love music. I love it in many different varieties. I think good music is the best. Much better so than bad music. I don’t care whether or not this is the first year in which I heard the album, all the albums on this list are things that I listened to a lot this year and had not listened to a great deal in the year or years prior.

Two artists took over a great deal of my life this past year. One of these people were new to me and the other is a long time friend. First to the New

Josh Ritter is sort of a folkish singer songwriter type. I hate 98% of singer songwriter types. I hate 99.8% of singer songwriters with guitars. Dude and guitar (this is irrespective of gender) acts are as likely to make me impale my own ear drums as to tap my feel along with whatever drivel they’re playing. I don’t care about your lost loves or you whining, get out of here with that garbage.  Fortunately Josh Ritter is free of such simpering mess. Also, he has a much better handle on the guitar than a lot of his compatriots. I wouldn’t call him a great guitarist or anything, but he uses it in the making of his music better than most singer songwriters.

One huge thing in Ritter’s favor with me is that he has a great number of live albums available. It hurts him not that his particular brand of music lends itself greatly to live performances. His songs are able to vary greatly from studio recording to live solo show to a live duet with his right hand man Zachariah Hickman to a live show with the Royal City Band. I love live music and so this works for me. Whatever, talking about music quickly goes from “this is why this is good” to really stupid pitchfork reviews talking about the ephemera of music, and I cannot imagine that does any good for anyone who actually enjoys music for music’s sake.


Josh Ritter is a boss, it’s difficult to tell from youtube videos and all how his concerts all go. I’ll wager you’ll be hard pressed to find a performer who puts more energy into a live show and is anywhere close to as infectious as he. It’s quite a remarkable show to be a part of. It’s the best concert I’ve been to that didn’t involve copious amounts of horn;(bugger your grammar) and I figure with four whole songs to fill up your time you would like a brief repose before more music here. So the next post will be about my old music friend whom I could talk about until the piggies came home.


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