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On Frederick Douglas’ “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave” part 1. November 8, 2011

I wrote the framework of this for my English class, but I have more to say.  A lot more than 250 words.
I think the turning point in Frederick Douglas’ life was his first time viewing his Aunt being whipped. The description is particularly horrifying, especially given notes in the introduction about how white people refuse to believe things like this were going on, and that if they did bring their heads out of their butts for long enough to believe they were going on that it was probably justified for some reason or another. Seeing this sort of barbaric cruelty at such a young age would definitely be a defining moment.
Douglas gives descriptions of of the slave master, and the slave overseer, as men who are about as evil as it gets, and there’s probably a good chance that these guys were upstanding members of white society. Even though the captain wasn’t a particularly rich slave holder, he had enough money to own multiple farms and pay an overseer. Not only that, but these dudes are probably good christian men.
See, the thing about Christianity is that it’s perfectly okay with the way the USA did slavery. The bible is perfectly okay with rape. If you rape someone you get a wife. A man raping a woman is just something that happens. People being put in slavery and harshly treated is okay within the confines of the bible. Thinking of yourself as a chosen person and that other people are lower and less than you is okay. If you have God’s favor you are a better man. Women are property underneath you as God’s chosen vessel and those niggers are especially deserving of whatever sort of foul punishment you have for them.
The thing that gets me is the idea that slave owners were allowed to rape their slaves as much as they pleased and this christian society is okay with that. Which makes sense because black people weren’t people and so it couldn’t be rape since they were property. If a black person toook their own love life and sexuality into their own hands it could be punished by more rape and a savage and brutal
whipping. All Douglas’ Aunt did was try and pursue a life of her own and was punished harshly for it.
Much like today people wouldn’t say that he was wrong for whipping her since she should’ve known that trying to do what she wanted would result in punishment. Society as a whole would never mention how the slave master is acting out of turn. That “nigger bitch” should have known that going to see that other slave for a moment of happiness in her own life would lead to disaster. Much like these sluts now should know that wearing slutty outfits and taking their own sexuality into their own hands has a chance to lead to her being raped. The thing is, that’s all bogus. Slave women were raped just for existing, the same way women are today. There’s no rationale for rape and abuse. Rapists rape people and it has nothing to do with what they look like, what they wear, and how they’re acting.
See, in modern times when a woman is raped the first thing we do is try and find an excuse for why it’s her fault. We say a lot of stupid shit like “What is she wearing? She shouldn’t have drunk that much. She should know that flirting would lead to a man wanting more” and other terrible horrible excuses for rape. Rape is rape. The only way to stop rape, is for people not to rape. There is nothing a person can do to warrant being raped. We do a similar thing with domestic violence. “She shouldn’t have made him so mad” and so forth. It’s clear that our attitudes haven’t changed much since the 1800s.
I understand that later events would have direct impacts on him being able to articulate to stupid white people that black people are smart and that slavery is wrong, but without first hand accounts of events like this those same stupid white people wouldn’t be moved to actually do anything about slavery. As an individual that kind of event removes all doubt about how your life is going to be living in America. The thing is, there was nothing she could have done to prevent the whipping. The master had already raped her in the past, and had whipped her until he got tired in the past whether she had done anything or not. The reason she got whipped was because when he was desiring of sex, she wasn’t there. He was going to teach her a lesson. Nothing she did could have prevented whipping. At least she was able to find a moments happiness with a fellow slave. Frederick also couldn’t do anything. His lot was to sit and watch as the man who owns him, and this woman, did terrible things. He knew he would be forced, one day, to endure similar things. Nothing he did or didn’t do mattered. As a slave, it was only a matter of time before your whippings came, because that’s just how life went.

NaNoWriMo Week 1 November 6, 2011

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I’m a little behind this week but that’s expected. I did learn a most excellent and valuable lesson. It goes something like this. If you come up with a completely and totally awesome idea you need to have a damn good reason for it to exist. There are a lot of stories that have really cool world conceits, points of view, or other little tricks that they use. The problem with most of these is that when the book isn’t written completely around this cool idea the idea is often super way cooler than everything else in the book. It’s either that, or the books just feels wandery and off. I had to have a real discussion with myself on whether or not to use my awesome idea. The thing I came up with is that I always have the opportunity to write other books. I had a chit chat with myself and found out that I can reconfigure some things to completely rework the story around my new idea. This meant doing a lot of digging up around the little that I had written, but since I a little behind already it isn’t that big a deal.


On a completely unrelated note here’s a song I like. because I probably listen to as much music during NaNoWriMo as I do during any other time of year.