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On The Nature Of Creating Your Own Content October 15, 2011

Filed under: Books,comics,Movies,Music,Social Commentary — Micah Griffin @ 13:35

One of the most pejorative pieces of advice thrown out by jerks and well-meaning people alike is that if you’re not happy with something you should do it yourself. I understand the idea. It’s something that on a low-level I agree with. It’s how one of my favorite book series ever got written (Imaro by Charles R Saunders).
Here’s the problem with that. Not everyone is meant to be a writer, or director, or producer, or actor, or any of that stuff. Not everyone is the traditional creative type. It’s not incumbent on each individual person who isn’t being served in the market to  be their own market. You can’t silence someone with that. That’s the problem. The phrase “If you don’t like it make your own” is too often used as a silencing measure. It’s telling the under served market that it’s their fault they aren’t being served. That because they traditionally don’t have the funding or backing to create their own content they can’t complain when the people who have always had the privilege of being served ignore them. It ignore the likelihood of being picked up and being able to make money on any endeavor is much less likely if your story is catering to a very under served market, or is serving them in a manner that the people with the funding don’t feel comfortable with.

So yeah. It’s good to make your own content if you can. And by all means, if you have the faculties to create your own content of any kind, do it. It’s one of the most frustrating and rewarding experiences ever. The thing is, if you don’t, then don’t stress about it. Keep on pushing for more of the types of content that you want. Don’t let anyone silence you by telling you that YOU have to be the one to do something you don’t want to do.That all the ills of whatever medium you love fall on your shoulders because you lack the time, skill, money, or desire to do that thing.

Cause here’s the other thing they don’t say. Doesn’t matter how good it is, your thing will never get discovered or become popular. That’s all luck. For every break through success there’s fifty to a thousand people trying just as hard and who’s product is just as good. The lie is that it’s your fault this thing doesn’t exist, and that the only reason people aren’t reading it is because it’s not good enough and you need to work harder. Because only good things get recognized, and all the best things are found, supported, and made successful.


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