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Quick Run Through DC’s Second Week October 1, 2011

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Mr. Terrific – I really was looking forward to this for a bunch of reasons. Then I read it. I’ll probably go on to the next issue, but there’s a bunch of stuff that I didn’t like at all. The dialogue is bad. The interaction between women is bull. Some of the lines Mr. Terrific delivers (specifically one line he spews while in super her mode) are downright bad.

Red Lantern – No (note: NO)

Legion Lost – I wanted to see if they had fixed any issues of race that DC’s future has. I don’t know for sure or not, I just know that this is a bad book. Like, it’s actually bad.

Batwoman – This is the best book of the week and it’s not even close. Not even a little close. JH Williams III brings the heat on every page and in every panel. It’s wonderful. The story also features the best interactions between female characters in any of these DC books released. It’s fantastic. Kate is great. It’s awesome she has her own robin to work with. The cop in the story works.

Superboy – There’s not much to this one. Superboy is stuck in a test tube, then he get out of the test tube, only to be in a much much bigger test tube. Then there’s a bunch of titans standing around him on the last page.

Batman and Robin – I don’t like the portrayal of Damien in the very beginning of this book. I do definitely like some of the ideas that Bruce has here though. The idea of celebrating the life of his parents instead of moping about their death works for me. We’ll see how this goes.

Suicide Squad – fuck this book and everyone involved.

Deathstroke – I know what this book is, and I feel like there’s a place for it. I’m not going to keep reading it, but I totally get it. I totally get it. Now, there’s a lot of this book I don’t care about (mainly the entire supporting cast) and that totally slows it down. When this book works it’s Slade using a sword that’s entirely too big to cut people’s heads off, cut into airplanes, cut down helpless henchpeople. That’s where it works, and this book needs more of it.

Demon Knights – This is an interesting first issue. It does enough to make me want to check out the second issue, we’ll see. We get to meet all the players, and unlike most of the new DC books, I like these guys. Jason Blood and Xanadu, Sir Justin, and Vandal and some other lady I don’t recall.  I like them. Outside of vandal savage, I don’t get repulsed by anyone here, and the revulsion at savage is less about what’s going on here and more a fear of what they’ll use him to do. I’m also worried about Justin, but we’ll see. I am going to trust Paul Cornell.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – Ehh. I was interested. I like Frankenstein. I thought he’s been used well in the DCU in the past. I like Jeff Lemire. Ah! I don’t like the art. It’s not doing it for me at all. Can’t stand Father Time’s faces. It’s a mess.

Green Lantern – I’m just not a huge fan of the Hal Jordan sitcom going on here. It’s a bit dumb. Carol seems a bit dumb in this. The jokes about her wanting to get married and him being oblivious and everything is lame. It’s a stupid character development thing. Also, the Sinestro stuff kind of bores me so far.

Grifter – There’s a dude on an airplane and stabs a woman in the eye then jumps out the plane. Then he beats up someone in a warehouse, and he’s crazy. Got it.

Resurrection Man – Yeah. . . I’m not feeling this one either. Poorly drawn sexy woman turned robot demon doesn’t do it for me at all. Not the tone I’m interested in.


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