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Last Lap! DC Comics Week 4 October 1, 2011

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All Star Western  – Everyone seems to really love this issue, so I’m going to give the second issue a shot. It does something I’m not a fan of at all though so I am not at all enamored with the ending. The art is good, and I, in general, like Jonah Hex. I just didn’t really get into this issue, but I might be wrong.

Aquaman – I get it Geoff Johns, you know people make fun of Aquaman and we know that you think Aquaman is the coolest. Stop beating me over the head with it. The entire tone of the book doesn’t do anything for me. I’ll pass.

Batman: The Dark Knight – I don’t like pretty much anything about Finch’s batman. I tried. I got to sex bunny villain thing and then hulked out Two-Face and I’m done.

Blackhawks – This woman, she can leave handprints in concrete, and maybe she’s on fire. Mostly this book is kind of GI Joe ish and I’m okay with that. I didn’t like it, but I’m okay with it.

The Flash – The art wins. I love Francis Manapul. There are parts of the story I like, parts that totally bore me. I like it overall though. The ending didn’t draw me to next issue, it just confused me.

Green Lantern The New Guardians  – Using the “princess” as an insult. right. So I was turned off, but I love Kyle so I kept reading past the first page. Then there was blood and entrails. At least fatality has pants on the dumbest costume in all of space. But seriously, this book has more awesome Kyle than GL has had in a while. Then the book ends with the DUMBEST ending. The one where everyone is super pissed and no one takes time to think?  You know that one. Yeah, it’s here.

I, Vampire – this is another book that does some not quite cliche things I”m not hugely into. Just story wise I don’t like the dynamic between the two leads. That’s completely and totally divorced from my issues with vampires. I think I remember something interesting being done with these kinds of vampires, but I don’t remember exactly.

Justice League Dark – I’m down. I’m not buying it, but I’m very much interested. The setup was very good. Having the regular Justice League in it and be out of their depths and then going into some stuff with Batman and Zatanna. I liked Constantine’s appearance and hope we get some more out of Xanadu, but whatevs.

The Savage Hawkman – It’s not nearly as savage as I expected. Dude is probably an awful archaeologist as per normal, though.. There’s Nth metal. The guy shoots himself, but not really himself, the idea of himself as Hawkman. He’s totally quitting Hawkman, until he’s forced to become Hawkman.

Superman – So many words. This is not a complaint, just pointing out. I read this issue and wanted to like it way more than I did. I so wanted to. There are things I feel like I like in Superman book, but I didn’t. Then the last page happened and I was not a fan.

don't like this last page

Clark is cooler than this

Teen Titans –  eh. Really just eh. It’s mostly all exposition. Then a black dude cop chokes a little blonde white girl who’s stealing a car. I mean. Yeah. This wasn’t thought out well. Then robin hits the dude in the back of the neck. Then there’s a helicopter and the same panel from the next to last page of Superboy shows up.

VooDoo – What we know about Voodoo: She’s a stripper. She takes her clothes off for men. She’s an Alien that kills people. I don’t like this book one bit. I’d go into all the reasons, but it’s just not worth the fight right now. Book is trash though, and I have no faith that DC will have this book become anything but trash.


2 Responses to “Last Lap! DC Comics Week 4”

  1. THOOM Says:

    Hey, though it was cliche (That scene just played out for the 1216th time on the season finale of VH-1’s Single Ladies) But I liked that last page. It grounded everything. And Clark may have been cooler than that just before Flashpoint, but this is DCnU and we are back to square one….Besides, what was he supposed to do? Beat the guy up? Lois wasn’t Clark’s woman.

    • Micah Griffin Says:

      He isn’t suppose to beat up the dude, he’s suppose to not be sad about it. Don’t simp. Clark Kent should not be a purveyor of simping.
      There’s probably a bunch of simpin ass dudes reading that and feeling like Clark is their hero right now. They probably think that they might get someone by moping around then going up to a woman’s door uninvited and unannounced to attempt a half assed apology.
      A reasonable adult calls first, or asks over lunch. Or writes a letter or something. A reasonable adult doesn’t go to someones apartment late at night unannounced to apologize. I understand he’s setup this loser personality, but he doesn’t have to work that hard at it.

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