Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

DC COMICS WEEK 3 September 29, 2011

Batman – I like Scott Snyder’s  batman work for the most part. I like Capulo’s art. So I’ll check out the second issue

Birds of Prey-  Surprisingly didn’t suck. Didn’t suck much at all. I like Black Canary and the other woman we’ve met so far. I like what’s going on. I hate (SPOILER) that they killed the black dude. I liked him too.

Blue Beetle – I like Jaime. I like Paco. I love Jaime’s parents. They’re great in this issue. I feel like this is a total reboot though and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I do know I’m not a huge fan of the beginning of this book, and it appears that the story is going to go that way quite a bit. We’ll see.

Captain Atom – I am definitely going to check out the second issue. There are some things in it that I’m confused about and I’ve never been a huge fan of the character. So I’ll give the second issue a go and see if I can make sense of it.

Catwoman – Yeah it’s a bit of a trainwreck. The super over sexualization is not at all what I want to read. It’s insulting to me. The idea that this is what I want out of female characters shows a clear lack of respect of who I am as a reader.

DCU Presents – Deadman’s a neat enough character. This issue really didn’t grab me though. It seems like technically it was proficient, I just wasn’t pulled in for whatever reason.

Green Lantern Coprs – More blood raining from the . . well, not ceiling. Though there is some of that. It’s blood from the cosmos. All over. I really liked the interaction between Guy and  John. I’m just not sure if  I’m going to want to hang out with the rest of the story to enjoy those moments.

Legion of Super Heroes – White people in space featuring space aliens that look suspiciously like painted white people.

Nightwing –  I dunno. I really don’t like the interpretation of Dick Grayson in this. I’m just not feeling it.

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Basically the same thing with Catwoman, but surprisingly even worse. I was looking forward to this book, but man, big disappointment. The Starfire stuff is just total bullshit and completely insulting.

Supergirl – Another one that surprised me. I’m not going to keep reading it, and maybe it’s just in comparison to the other books this week, but it’s surprisingly lacking in suck.

Wonder Woman – AWW YEAH WONDER WOMAN! This is the best book of the week by a bunch. By a whole bunch. Love the setting up of the Greek Gods. I love the characterization of Wonder Woman. I love Cliff Chiang’s art. Love it. Like, man. It’s good. Can’t say enough about it. I wasn’t planning on buying it, and I’m totally buying it.


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