Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

Welcome To the Party September 27, 2011

Hi friends. You guys been watching all the events of the occupy wall street protest? Been a little shocked at how the police are treating these peaceful protesters? Are you a little outraged? Cool. I’m glad to hear it. Continue on with that. It’s good that you’re outraged when the police step outside of their roles and beat the shit out of people for god damned reason.

Here’s the deal. Now that it’s happening to people in the middle class folks are becoming aware of it. That’s dandy, just know this isn’t an isolated event. This is  how the police are allowed to act all over. They’re allowed to pepper spray someone for no reason and then laugh about it.

"HAHA! I'm a Cop! I dare you to say something about my misconduct. Pepper Spray is the shit.

This isn’t an isolated event. This is something that happens. There are bills and movements around the country asking for stronger police accountability laws. Call your representatives about it. If there is one ask them to try and pass them. If there isn’t one, ask them if they’d be kind enough to see if there’s anything they can do to get something like it proposed. I know it’s a big deal in Pittsburgh right now. It’s been sitting on hold for over 500 days and nothing is getting done.

Now that we’re seeing this on a larger scale in NYC let’s not let this slide. We’ve already forgotten about Oscar Grant. Let’s not let this go. Get on it. Now that it’s happening to you open your eyes and help out a bit so it doesn’t keep happening to the rest of us.

Also, peep this. I stole it from STFU Conservatives. Made me giggle.

See, Peaceful



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