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The Abomination of Obama's Nation

On Your Police: They’re a Problem September 26, 2011

This isn’t an attack on the individual police officer. This is an attack on the institution of police in the US. The whole thing is a big problem. People like to pretend it’s not, because that’s just easier to live in that world. I get it. It’s nice to live in a happy fantasy land  where the people who are being paid to protect and serve you actually protect and serve you. The problem is that fantasy land doesn’t exist for everyone.

The reason it doesn’t is because the police can do pretty much whatever they want. There is a serious problem of accountability. People just assume that when the cops beat the crap out of someone or kill a person on the street they are in the right. People say stupid things like “he shouldn’t have run” when two PLAIN CLOTHES officers beat a young black boy into the hospital. You can read about that Here and Here if you want. It’s depressing. This isn’t the only case of it. This kind of story happens all over the place, and we’re just talking about reported instances of police brutality. There are many more unreported stories because people know they don’t have a chance of winning against the police.

It’s a fact, the less likely you are to fight back and win against the police the greater chance you have of getting your teeth knocked out. Or ending up looking like this.

It’s extremely similar to the problem we have in America with rape. People are always way too willing to blame the victims instead of looking at the perpetrators of the actual crime. When people bring it up as a problem a good portion of the American population is quick to point out any reason why this isn’t the case, or how it’s better in another portion of the country (when this is actually not statistically true).

This isn’t a south problem, this is a USA Police problem. Don’t believe me? (well, that story above took place in Pittsburgh which, last I checked, was firmly in the north. but whatever. Let’s keep going).


This whole thing that’s been going on in NYC over the past (honestly, I don’t even know. At least a week, maybe two by now) is really upsetting. It’s crazy how little coverage it’s been getting. Anyway, so there’s this peaceful protest going on. I need to reiterate. PEACEFUL protest. Like, not a riot, not throwing stones, not that stuff that went down in Seattle a while back where people were throwing things into businesses. Naw, this is a peaceful protest. Just people doing what they should and assembling together to voice their displeasure at an institution while ultimately causing no harm (either physically or emotionally) to anyone. This is American. Unfortunately what’s also American is that the cops are looking at this peaceful protest like ” fuck those kids.” See, the people who are protesting are highly unlikely to be able to actually win a lawsuit against the police and the ACLU, for all the good it does, isn’t big enough to fight for everyone. The police know this, so what do they do? They instigate violence just because they can. You’ll never be able to convince me that if Police had even the smallest bit of fear of going to jail for doing what they’re doing here they’d be so gung ho about macing and beating people.

But here’s just reasons why I don’t trust cops #6528. This is a peaceful protest and they’re out here macing people for no reason, arresting people who aren’t even protesting (just walking through), clubbing concerned citizens for asking why protesters are being beaten up, throwing people into cars and buildings. This is what are police do when there’s no accountability. None of the officers out here instigating violence on peaceful protesters (and non protesters who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) will be reprimanded in any way. Their destructive actions are endorsed by the state, and the only way you can possibly not have a problem with the current institution of american police systems is if you live in fantasy rich white people world where you never have to actually worry about unprovoked police violence being directed at you.


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