Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

Suck It Alliteration Sunday September 4, 2011

Last verse isn’t fantastic  but the beat comes from some other planet. This amuses me greatly.

In other news I’m starting through the 26 books I bought two months ago now and I picked at random. For my Health class which is kind of bogus, I’m dedicating more time to my reading as well as my writing (not this blog, prose writing). Apparently this will make me a healthier person. Let’s see how it goes.

First up on the list is Karin Lowachee’s “Gaslight Dogs”. Why? This is a fantasy novel based on (in generalities) a couple of Alaska Native Cultures. I have not read any fiction dealing heavily with Native Alaskans at all and this excites me. People say Lowachee is a good writer, I’m willing to find out. The big downside is the sheer amount of reading I have to do for class.

Little piece of insight from me. If you think our criminal justice system actually works you are stupid, either through ignorance or on purpose. Don’t be dumb. Right now a 15 year old kid can be labeled a sex offender (male or female) for sexting. Even consensual. They have to do all the registrations and have rights stripped away from them for consensual phone sex. For serious. Think about it.

Also, if anyone has recommendations on bicycles hit me up. My Mountain Bike is toast. I will be working on getting either a road bike or a hybrid. I think. I’m not really sure what’s best, I just know lugging a Mountain Bike around town when I’m not riding on any mountains is a bit much. Shit’s a bit heavy right about now.

I’m bored of Captain America and Batman for now. Instead of reading those I’ve read Chuck Clayton’s mini series from Archie as well as American Vampire. I’m  not enthralled by American Vampire. I’ll write about both of those before the week is out.


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