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What I be Learnin Week 3 September 1, 2011

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Who needs the first two weeks of this? Not me certainly.

I find it interesting that in a post secondary education class I’m still be propogandized at about some bullshit. It’s cool that I’m being asked to critically analyze the bullshit, but it’s still some bullshit. So far I’ve read “first hand” account from Chris Columbus (there was redacting going on by a family friend to cover up just how fucked up he was to the Tribes he encountered), A journal about a pilgrim village in which the dude talks out both sides his mouth when it comes to the morality of people (basically all the english were sinners, but man, fuck those indians over there cause they’re spawns of satan. Also, praise God that we killed them all.), and finally we cover this woman who was kidnapped by Wampanoag. Yeah that’s bad. The problem is, at no time in  her memoir does she mention that the reason for hostilities was that the English were encroaching and fucking up Native American lands. There is no defense for what the English were doing during colonization. None. Zero excuse.

It’s just frustrating that this is what we’re reading. This is what everyone is reading. This is History. You know why we have to have African-American history, Women’s History, Native American History, Asian-American History? It’s because what we get is some bullshit. Because American history as taught is a celebration of white people (specifically English and Spanish) doing some of the worst things imaginable. Like, the absolute worst.

So yeah. That’s American Literature: Beginnings to 1800

Geology may be the most boring class of all time. The teaching is the worst. The guy is a nerd. He knows what’s up, but he will often go on for minutes at a time about things we haven’t learned and won’t learn for another two months. It’s insane, and super hard to follow. I gather that it’s really an online class that we have to show up for. He sends us the slides he’s going to show us before classes. He requires us to read them and a chapter from the book. Then comes in and tells us stuff. It’s rough. Like a hard rock.

Finally there’s health, and this class is a problem.

There’s probably a long post about the demonization of certain medical conditions and reinforcing of societal norms that aren’t based in any science. Right now, there’s just a post about why you shouldn’t be testing on ideas. The health book I’m reading isn’t full of facts. It’s full of subjective opinions presented as facts. It’s telling me that in order to be healthier I have to be a part of an organized religion. That I have to think and live in a certain way to be what the book considers healthy.

Furthermore, the big project for the semester in that class is taking a health assessment then finding something to change and attempting to change. The problem is that we have to use certain roles. If you aren’t trying to lose weight, stop smoking, stop punching people, sleep more, exercise more, or join a church you are kind of out of luck. I want to be healthier in my mental mind, most of which consists of me spending more time doing things I like instead of working and school and all that so much. That’s not on the list. So I had to decide to hope for the best or just lie a bunch. This is ridiculous. Just let me choose what I want to change about my life if I want to. Maybe I’m happy as hell with everything and don’t want to change. It’s a ridiculous idea for a health class. Bringing attention to certain things is one thing, but as a class requirement it’s weird.

Also, the tests are broken.

So that’s where I’m at three weeks into this semester.


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