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Spoiler! She’s the bad guy. Batman and Son Pt. 2 August 7, 2011

This is a shorter one here.

Jezebel jet, y’know, “WoW” Her legs go all the way Jezebel Jet. She’s the bad guy.  You may ask yourself “How did I get here?” I’ll tell you. Cynicsm. Good, honest, cynical thinking about my comic books. I thought about all the women Batman has dated over the years. All of them, and they have some traits in common. Traits, that I personally, don’t have a particular problem with. They’re all white. Even the side flings. Maybe an artist will put a vaguely Asian looking woman on his arms to show him being ‘exotic.’ In the end though, the one’s that get the prolonged bat dick, they’re white.


Subtlety is an art.

So when I see Jezebel Jet show up and we realize (through Talia Al Ghul having a so typical comic book female fit of jealousy) that Bruce and Jezzy are going to be getting it on for a while my “!” went off. I would even know to spot her villainy from inside a cardboard box. It’s a thing. I ranted about it in X-men First Class. Black woman shows up, the only b lack woman in this piece of fiction, my guess? Villain. Cause, yeah. That’s just the way it. Things will always be the same, because the people who consume this material the most never complain about it. Those of us who do complain are shot down quickly.

See, there’s this thing in culture where sexy black women are scary. I don’t know when it started, but it’s totally there. The darker the woman is the more threatening she is. There’s a lot going on in society about black women and beauty standards. Women in general, sure, but specifically women of color have the hardest times of it because they’re outside the societal and cultural norm for what we consider pretty. Then there’s issues that date back to slavery (YUP) and the idea that black women are useful only for working and sex whenever the white men felt like it. Rape was a common thing. Somehow though, the stereotype we got out of that was of Black men being sexual predators of white women. Tell me how the fuck that happened. With all these raped slaves going around ending up with the children of white slave masters this weird temptress thing shows up. Now a physically appealing Black woman is a threat to a good honest white man’s morality. Much like the way we treat rape now, then, it was the fault of these black women just being born that made them dangerous and it’s probably their fault they got raped. Well, not raped, because lets’ not forget, they were fucking property. History man, it’s good times.

What does this have to do with miss Jezzy? Everything. You can’t divorce comics from culture. It’s just not possible, they’re part of culture. Yes, right now they’re an extremely small part of it, but they’re part of it none the less. I, as a budding social activist, a black man, son to a black woman, brother to black women and girls, friend to black women, boyfriend of a white woman (!) see these things. I see how people react in situations. I see what things society puts out and how it effects us. I’m also cynical as hell. And when a new sexy black woman shows up my first thought is “she a villain.”

Now, Grant Morrison was good enough to make us wait bunches and bunches of issues before we find out whether she just is a nice and pleasant woman who stumbled upon batman like our girl Vicky Vale, or if she’s part of this Black Glove thing that shows up later. (Hint, it’s in the title of the post.)


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