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No More Backup! August 6, 2011

Filed under: Books,comics — Micah Griffin @ 14:00
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I was just looking today at all the things I stuff I have to do. There’s a lot of organization to get done around my place. While I was doing this I decided to order up some of my comics. What do I find? I have whole series of books that I haven’t read. Comic books. I’ve stopped buying new stuff in general. I thought about going back into comics in September with DC Comics relaunch, but now I’m not so sure. School is coming soon, and I have a lot of stuff I own and should read. Why spend money now? Yeah, my one purchase may be what they need to keep a certain book afloat, but who am I kidding. Mr. Terrific, Static, Blue Beetle, Batwing, and Batwoman aren’t going to be saved by my $2 an issue. To me, that’s $10 a month, $60 in six months. I’ll still talk about them. I’ll read them in shops and such, try and drum up support amongst people who actually do buy books all the time, but it’s not my job to save this industry. If the only marketing these books gets goes towards the people who are already going to shops they don’t stand a chance anyway. We’ve seen this. So I’ll wait. I’ll wait and get these later. The internet will have them. The internet has everything. DC is making it easier for me to not buy things right away.

So yeah. I think I’m out of actually buying new books on a monthy basis, or even in trades right away. I can wait. I have things to read.


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