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Black Spidey and Why I love the Internet August 2, 2011

Well, there goes that. Yup. I was going to write a super engrossing series of posts about why I love Ultimate Spider-Man and why I’m glad to let it go after eleven years. I may still do something like this, but there’s less need now. See, I was writing that post under the assumption that the new spider-man was going to be another white kid. I work under that assumption because I’ve been reading fiction for quite a long time and you can just assume the main character of any newly announced book is going to be white. Him being white wasn’t a turnoff necessarily, it’s just that I’ve spent eleven years in this world with this character and another one that’s almost exactly like it wasn’t appealing. I wasn’t judging the new book. I was just moving on from an idea. I had every hope the new book was going to be great.

Then word comes around that the new Ultimate Spider-Man was going to be black. I didn’t think much of it at the time, rumors are rumors and Marvel wouldn’t let this kind of thing happen even in the Ultimate Universe. Then they did, and I was like, woah. Am I excited because this new Ultimate Spidey is going to look a little like me? YEAH. That isn’t the whole, though. One of my favorite parts of Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man run was the soap opera high school drama Peter Parker went through. Having a spider-man of Black and Hispanic heritage can add quite a lot to the story. If Bendis can get the dialogue and social circles right, as well as manage to avoid a lot of Black/Hispanic teen character story cliches this could be something special.

Quick Aside: Hey everyone, kid’s half Hispanic, too. Let’s not throw that away. This can lead to sooo many awesome opportunities, AND it kills double minority bird.

On top of this we have Sara Pichelli on the art. Sara Pichelli draws good, and is woman. Bonus! Overall I’m super excited about what’s going to happen with this title. It’s a shame it won’t sell and that Marvel won’t let me buy their books digitally because I don’t own any apple products.  Good luck to Marvel on this. Shame this didn’t happen a little bit before the current deadspin we’re in in comics, and before the current crop of readers decided that putting dark faces in their books just was a sign that book needed dropped.


2 Responses to “Black Spidey and Why I love the Internet”

  1. THOOM Says:

    It ain’t fair to assume that most readers will drop it because the dude is black. Though that’d be fair. Even though you liked the series, you were gonna drop it until found out he was black. But the point of me writing this was to say:
    [slick rick voice] STOP LYING! [/] You get your hands on every popular title that you want, and this will be no exception.Stop acting like you live in the desert and won’t be able to find Ultimate Spidey! 🙂

    • Micah Griffin Says:

      I may have mistyped. I’ll be able to find it. I just don’t want to pay $4 a pop for it. So I’d rather get it digitally a bit later. I was going to stop cause they killed Pete. I didn’t see any reason to go on with the series without him. Also, you know good and well black super heroes don’t sell in today’s funny books. That stopped when comics went all bust in the 90s.

      P.S. when did you start reading this?

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