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There Is No Escape: Why My Enjoyment Of Media Varies Wildly From Yours August 23, 2011

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One of the things that’s been made completely clear to me in the past few months is that I am very much unlike the typical consumer of media. I see a lot of problems in the things I watch and read and listen to, and that is a rare thing. Not the nitpicky fanboy internet thing where people hate just to have something to hate on, but social issue that have been problems for hundreds of years that people seem to be able to just ignore.

One of the reasons people are so ready to ignore this stuff (and get super defensive and pissed off when you try and make them not ignore it) is because all consumerist media is an escape for them. They work hard, they have kids, they have family issues, their life isn’t where they want it to be so they plop on the couch and turn on the tv or catch a book or go run and listen to some music and it takes them away from their immediate problems.

A lot of it is some sort of wish fulfillment. I’m coming to find out more and more that a lot of it is an escape from things they didn’t even know bothered them. This doesn’t mean they’re racist or sexist or ableist bla bla bla. But for a lot of people, hearing about these issues annoys them. For some reason, people wanting equal treatment are annoying. It’s a thing. There’s also these people that just want to go to a world where they are catered to entirely, and no one else is thought of.

There’s a bunch of other things too.  A bunch of stuff. A lot of people never think about these issues. They’re so use to the way things are they never notice the stuff I notice. TV, The News, Comics, Books, certain genres of music, plays, everytihng. They’re a certain way. To suggest they should be different is crazy to them.

Here’s my life. I’m into social justice. Really into it. When I was younger I wasn’t as into it, but it was always on my mind. I grew up the only black kid surrounded by a large variety of white people. Every day of my life I was reminded of that. Not by noticing visually the lack of other people of color, but by people directly saying something to me that pertained to my race. Black people should be like this, why don’t you do things this way, what’s with your hair? can I touch it? what color do yo upee. You know your palms are white because you eat oranges. Being black is a curse cause people are suppose to be white, that’s why your skin changes color when you get cut. Hey you’re black why do all black people do this. Look at the news, black people committing crimes. Hey did you steal my stuff? Those kids who constantly try to beat you up are just bullies, the fact that you’re black has nothing to do with it despite them saying it has everything to do with it. You’d be better off dating someone from another school because they have more black people, it’s bad to date any of these white girls. If you look me in the eye it’s a sign of defiance and you shouldn’t do that. Don’t look at those white girls cause you’re a scary black kid. Ooga Booga. Hey, do you like bananas? Have you been to jail? O look, a noose in your locker. That’s not racial though. The KKK isn’t so bad.

Every day. Every single day something of this nature and so much more. That was normal for me. There was more and other stuff. My Great Aunt is mentally ill and spending time with her in her nursing home was very influential. I was bookish (because hanging out with all those white kids I grew up with was not happening) and read a great number of history books. I spent my summers in North Carolina with either my mother’s parents or my Dad. While my dad was at work I roamed around the streets and hung out with a bunch of different people. That’s where I started to understand some of the ideas of social justice. It was the summer after I graduated I had my first experience with the most vile and evil people I have ever personally met, those who stand outside abortion clinics and completely defame everything they claim to stand for. Completely disgusting humans on every level.

This isn’t about that. This is about how I started working with people who were into social activism. This is about how this is part of my life. My life is being a Black Male in America. My life is having Black sisters and brothers. My life is helping young kids develop increasingly essential skills like researching schools, filling out college applications, writing scholarship essays, and stuff like that. I help some kids read and tutor here and there. Mostly I deal with poor and minority kids who traditionally have a longer and harder road to academia than other segments of society. It’s not a lot, I know. It’s very very small. It is something though. I deal with social issues in my life.

I fill my life with articles dealing with social injustice. I read a lot of them. I post some. I plan on writing more about these things and actually having something insightful to say. So here’s the deal. A lot of what I deal with is how the media portrays certain people. It’s a big focus of my life. It’s something I believe is important, and growing more so every day. There is a disturbing trend of regressive attitudes in this country. It’s scary. A lot of those attitudes make it into the media we consume, and when we consume that media without ever thinking or questioning, it  informs our thoughts without our knowing.

Do yourself an experiment. Make a chart or a graph if you’re nerdy. If you’re not, just keep tabs and really look. Look at the racial diversity of the characters in your media. Look at how each member of certain races are characterized.  Look at why type of person is from each race. Look at the Gender breakdown within those races.

What about Gender? What’s the breakdown there and how are each of them treated? How do they act? How do others treat them? If inanimate objects are involved are they gendered? Are we sexualizing animals for some reason?

Look at the sexual orientation of characters. Look at how characters identify. Look at how they act. How many bi characters do you read and how are they portrayed. How are the characters around them shown to react to the bi character. Look at relationships between gay characters.

Look at how many characters have different concepts of gender identity as a whole. How many queers are there? Are there any transexual characters are there, transgender ones? Same as before, look at how they are portrayed.

Look at marriages. Look at relationships and partnerships. Is there any polyamory? What about characters that choose to be together and not be married? How are married couples portrayed? How are long time couples portrayed? How are new couples. Look, I’m doing it, only talking about couples. What about open relationships? What about deep non physical relationships?

How are sex pairings treated? What are the characters attitudes towards sex?

Notice how many characters are physically handicapped or mentally handicapped.

I don’t want to destroy your hobbies. I don’t want to invalidate every piece of media ever. What I want to do, is point out where these things could be better. What I want is open discussion. What I want is for people to go “yeah, things can be better. I don’t have to settle for what’s given.”

For me, I can’t escape. There’s not really a world for me to go to to get away from these things. The closest is Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Maybe Shatter. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy anything else. It just means that I can’t get lost in them. They’re not a vacuum planet for me to hop into where nothing else exist but this world. All this stuff we enjoy is very much connected to the real world, and the real world is rife with problems. Our media is a reflection of that. No matter how you try and separate it, it’s there. All the little annoyance and giant glaring elephants are right there staring you in the face, and for me, that’s no escape.

Note: I am going to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite this post until I get it right. This is a very important piece of information about me. The idea is basically simple, the things most people escape into is not an escape for me. I am going to explore this in different ways. This is part of the whole finding my voice thing I’m doing. If you don’t so much like it, maybe the next one will be worded better.


Of Civil Wars and a Final Crisis: Where Good Heroes Go To Die and Better Heroes Take Their Place

Yeah, you read that right. This isn’t even some big controversial statement. I prefer Dick and Bucky to Bruce and Steve. Both for entirely different reasons. Bruce Wayne is pretty freaking awesome. There’s no denying that. In a lot of ways Steve Rogers is a pretty awesome dude, once you get past the “I’m the most boring human ever because I’ve been frozen for 70 years” thing. Just for me, Dick’s “I know how to actually be a moderate human being” and Bucky’s “I’ve been frozen for 70 years, but also brainwashed, and for reals though, I’m a cool dude” works much better. It’s a tone thing. It’s no surprise. I much prefer books to be less oppressive. I’m not a huge fan of material that is so dark it suffocates. Not that Batman or Captain America ever really get there (but man do a lot of Batman writers try) but Steve and Bruce are much closer to that way than Dick and Bucky.

Whatever, this isn’t about that at all really. This is about editorial confusion, story confusion, and how eerie it is that both Batman and Captain Ameica suffer weird deaths during an event, that was different (however slightly) from the events that killed them in other books? Not eerie at all, actually. This is super hero comics. These are company wide crossover events. Things goof hard.
Let’s look at this. Both Final Crisis and Civil War are rife with problems. Both attempt to bring up good ideas, and both do interesting things with the story, but neither executes fully on the promise and idea they started with. Partly because they needed to fit into the traditional narrative structure of of the Super Hero Comic Summer Event. They also starred characters who were deeply involved in an intricate story outside of this event.
On Captain America’s side things are much clearer. Cap gets shot by Crossbones. Also, Cap gets shot by Sharon Carter who was being mind controlled. Dead. Not so hard. The only problem is that I really don’t get it gelling with Civil War. This is a story that’s about the problems with super hero secret identity. (Note: I have this idea to compare and contrast this with Identity Crisis and explain why IC is one of the worst super hero stories ever created. Not that Civil War is great, just that it’s not IC and as such is a paragon of secret identity story telling). Captain America, though everyone knows who he is, believes it is fundamentally important for Super Heroes to exist anonymously. They have to have their secret to not only keep them and their loved ones safe, but to also be a symbol. This doesn’t mean they can’t be held accountable, especially in the super hero world when they all know each other. If not who each hero’s secret identity is, they know how to find them while in costume. Especially in the Marvel Universe, where 98% of Capes operate out of NYC. Iron Man believed in registering every single super powered person out there to keep the public safe. If everyone knows who you are they won’t be as scared of you?

Captain America played a good role in that story, his surrender at the end of it made sense. What happened after didn’t, but it’s hard to end these big events, because they’re not all designed to be stories. This goes back to my last post about selling a full story. It kind of does, but then it gets lost in it’s own spectacle.

Whatever. The Crux of this post, is that Captain America is doing this one thing in Civil War, going underground, fighting the man and stuff. Mark Millar didn’t totally sync up with Brubaker, but whatever, it happens in these types of things. Then Ed Brubaker wrote the mini series where Red Skull had a time gun that Sharon shot him with because he didn’t actually want to kill him but to trap him in time and bring him back to use sort of like Bucky was used, and that was dumb. The story was cool to watch, but the conceit was stupid.

Batman is entirely different. Batman is hit with Darkseid’s Omega beam with sends a person through a series of worse and worse lives in alternate dimensions. Batman is also blown out of a helicopter. Batman also is not really Batman but a clone of  Batman. Batman is also stuck underground being psychologically tortured by evil scientists and thinking he’s dying and in different forms, and also not?

You see why it’s taken me so long to get to these posts? It just don’t make no sense. This isn’t the mild confusion of what really happened to Steve Rogers, this is absolute chaos. This is editors totally falling asleep on the job and a writer doing all the things he wants, and no one really knowing why he’s able to do it. Final Crisis is a cool story about Darkseid coming to Earth and just wrecking shop, and Batman is the only man who can stop him. It’s also about how Superman is the most hopeful individual ever and only someone as incorruptable as him could set the world back, and how what makes him tick is that his one hope in life is for a happy ending. <3. That got sappy.

So Sappy. Back to Batman.

No. Back to both these guys.

Both of these guys go out in the same way, which is they didn’t actually go out. Maybe this is some way of saying you can’t kill these guys. That no matter what, they find a way to survive. This is some triumph of the human spirit stuff.

Quite possibly this is about stupid comic book conventions. What better climax to a story than to off your main character, then to not off your main character because that was never the plan.

Maybe this is about the awesomeness of being able to play with time and do whatever you want with the medium of comics. Maybe this is about horrible villains who, no matter how dark and “realistic (ugh)” they get are still, at their hearts, comic book villains who really just like the fun of fighting their hero.

It could be this is a secret homage to Silver and Bronze age stories. It could be just a cheap and easy way to sell a bunch of comic books, then write yourself out of it in order to sell more and more comics.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what it is. What both Final Crisis and Civil War, for me, were was a bridge into some super awesomes books we wouldn’t have gotten if we had to rigidly stand with what we always do.

We have 70 years of Bruce Wayne being batman. We have 70 years of Steve Rogers being cap (well. . . .). Let me have my two to three years of something different. And boy do we get it.

Over the next month or so I’m going to just gush all over what Brubaker does with Bucky, starting with what Brubaker does with my favorite Avenger, Eli Bradley. Love that kid. Then I’ll absolutely bleed love juice all over Batman and Robin. Seriously, Batman and Robin is so great. So great. I promise I’ll make you love Bucky and Dick way more than you ever loved Bruce and Steve.

Well, no. Probably not. But you’ll at least get to understand why I love the switch up so much.


Don’t go sellin stuff as what it’s not. August 21, 2011

Alright guys. Serious money discussion time. Here’s something I want people to never defend again. A book, comic, whatever that is a part of a series, yet doesn’t hold up individually. I’ve read too many reviews of things lately that go as follows:

“overall not a lot of things happen and this really felt like it went nowhere, but I trust the writer to deliver in further installments of this series. The pacing was weird, but since it’s the middle part of the story I’ll excuse it. All the questions that this installment brought up can be answered later. I’m not at all bothered by the fact that the characters, settings, plot, and dialogue were subpar here because there’s more coming and I really do trust that the writer doesn’t suck and a future installment will make this particular installment actually readable.”

I’ll admit I’ve done some similar stuff in the past, totally giving a pass to a writer I like when something they put out kind of stunk. It was wrong.

When someone sells you something you should expect something of that. When I purchase a book I expect that book to be complete in and of itself. This is not to say that this book can’t rely heavily on past books in the series. If someone comes in late it is understandable that they aren’t getting the entire picture. What they should get though, is a completed work.

Here’s an example. When I was in sixth grade I read Tad Williams’ “To Green Angel Tower.” I picked it up not being aware that there were two books prior to that in the trilogy. I didn’t read covers, I just read big things, and TGAT was a giant book. I was confused at times (didn’t realize it was part of a trilogy until at least half way through the book) and made some incorrect conclusions on certain things because I was filling in holes already filled. More importantly though, by the time that book ended I got me a full story. It was great. In fact, it made me want to read the first two. “To Green Angel Tower” had a definite beginning middle and end. The characters  moved from one place to the next both physically and mentally. There were full twist (that I know now) only enhance the third book. It also is a satisfying ending to the trilogy and makes the first two books much better reads.

Here’s another example the other way. George R. R. Martin’s “A Dance With Dragons.” This book only barely holds together as an individual piece. Now some people love it thoroughly, and if that’s the case then cool, this isn’t about them. A lot of reviews you see mention how slow the pace is, how the characters don’t do much of anything, and how it all feels like a bunch of set up to something bigger. The conceit is that it’s only telling part of a story, but so much of that story seems to serve no point to a great number of people. Yet, so many people are okay with this. They go out of their way to say how they’re sure it will be remedied. Maybe all of them read it like I did from the Library and as such all they lost was the time it took them to read such a meaningless book, but even still I don’t know why you defend it. I know I’d be pissed if I spent money on this.

You see this a lot in comics. Maybe even more in comics. Someone will write an issue of a book that is completely useless in and of itself, and people are more than willing to say the $3+ they spent on it is worth it because the next $6+ they spend on the series will make that one issue that sucked better. It’s crap. Sell me an original graphic novel instead. Just skip the whole idea of releasing individual issues and go straight to collected versions. Release your crap issue for free. Charge me for the first issue and not for any subsequent ones. Manage expectations. A careless reader might pick up something having not read the last issue of your book for three months (partly because your book is late for no good reason) and be like “this is utter garbage. Why on Earth would anyone pay for this?”

Basically, it all rubs down to this. I’m paying for a product. More specifically someone is selling a product. The implication when you sell me something is that it, in itself, is completely satisfying. It is a complete item. If the seller believes the best way to view that particular item is with a bunch of other stuff, they should sell all that stuff with it. The middle part of your book series sucks? Wait and release an omnibus later, or just rewrite the thing to where it works by itself. It’s not that hard. Talented writers do it all the time. It’s really just the polite thing to do.


Micah’s Back In School! August 16, 2011

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Yeah, I’m back in school! Here’s to another semester of education. This semester isn’t so crazy as some past ones. I’ve got American Literature from beginnings to 1800 (which is easily my least favorite period of time in American Literature), Health (which already appears to already be a super problematic and overly judgmental class), and Geology.

American Literature so far has just reaffirmed my hatred of European explorers. Everything I learn about them (seriously, everything) makes me hate them more and more. Fuck having an entire day devoted to Columbus. How do people even justify this? Well, possibly because we completely ignore American Genocide.  Like, it’s actually appalling that the dude has his own holiday. That’s cool. But for real. We are looking at the writings of people like Columbus and John Smith, and other white dudes who came in killing and raping and laughing about it.

Health class so far has given me one questionaire that left me super uneasy. Too many negative associations with things that aren’t negative. Too many completely subjective ideas on what is and isn’t healthy. Piercings are apparently just as unhealthy as bulimia (which is presented in a very thoughtless manner). We’ll see how this class goes.

Finally there’s geology, in which my teacher is doing a weird Cameroonian Morrisson/Hickman impersonation. I took lots of notes and don’t have the slightest idea of what happened in class.

Mostly I told you all of that to let you know what I’m going to be up to mostly for the next sixteen or so weeks and what you can expect to be reading about. Cause really, school is all I have time for once the work actually gets poppin.


A Quick Guide To Not Getting Heat For Writing Bad Non White Cis Gendered Straight Male Characters August 12, 2011

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1) Don’t be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or any of those other things. It’s bad. Think to yourself “How would I feel if this character was suppose to be a representation of me.”

b)Then, if you’re super privileged and have no idea what life is like for other people and think your bigoted interpretation of them is one they should be pleased with, go talk to some people from that particular group. At least two different people from different backgrounds. I promise it’ll help you out.

2) Now this is the most important one. Write more than one. Do you know why people are real jumpy when Vixen gets screwed over at DC? Cause she’s pretty much the only Black Woman that gets screen time (and she hardly even gets that). Why is one mini series for her not enough? Because finding a black woman in DC comics is hard.

See, if they bugger up a white male then there’s five hundred others starring in books or leading groups or having a prominent role. It doesn’t matter. Sure fans of that particular character care, but that’s a subgroup.

If DC goes and screws up Batwoman then they’ve screwed up the FIRST (see, first in 2011. it’s a problem) Gay Woman to have a solo title for their company. There are a lot of people riding hard for this character because it’s the only one they have to pull for. Midnighter and Apollo are in Stormwatch, but it’s not their book.

When you kill off Ryan Choi, who’s left to fill in the Korean super hero gap? . . .Exactly. When You toss Cass Cain out on her ass to replace her with a blonde haired white girl what Asian Woman with absolutely no cultural heritage or background do you go to follow  now? . . .

When you mention wanting to be more diverse in your character selection and only put out a token number of any characters you’re in for trouble. First, you force anyone who asks for this to be a fan of the one or two characters you give them. There’s no shortage of straight cis gendered white men to be a fan of. If one character doesn’t suit you, pick from seven thousand others. This isn’t the case for people not looking for that. We’re told to just take what we’re given and be happy with it. That we have to support characters we may not even like just to prove that a book/movie/whatever with them in it can succeed. It’s complete and total junk.

This is the biggest problem with your writing, your novel, your webcomic.

You say to me “I would love to add a black/gay/woman/trans (well not so much the last one. People are still super bigoted in that category) character but I’m afraid I’ll do them wrong, so I just don’t include the character at all.”
That’s some top of the line bullshit. The reason we yell at you for your sucky representation of us is because there’s only one character meant to represent us and that character sucks. Throw a bunch more our way and the problem you have quicky disappears. It’s not even that big a deal.

So, in conclusion.

1) don’t be racist

2) throw in variety.

You’ll be surprised how much less heat you get.


Where I wish I Could Support a Good Idea But Worse Ideas Stopped Me August 11, 2011

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So I’m all about digital comics. I’ve been cleaning and organizing my comics and I just have too many of them. There’s a lot of comics I want to read but the only way to find them is on Ebay, back issue diving, dime bins, or at conventions. That’s a lot of work for books I’m not entirely sure if I want to read or not. Major companies like DC and Marvel only reprint certain trades, most of which aren’t the ones I’m wanting to read. If I could get all these things for cheap I totally would.

I also would like to buy brand new books digitally, I just can’t get behind the price point for most of these things. There’s no way I’m paying cover price for a digital book. Absolutely not. I’m not even too jazzed about the $2 price point on some of these brand new books. This is not an issue of me not apprectiating art and not wanting to financially support the work that artists do. This is a value proposition based on the  limited amount of funds I have. This isn’t a woe is me post. I’m just saying I’m not rich. For the cost of six issues at full price I can see at least four movies at the drive in (that includes gas). I can buy four or five Mass Market paper back novels at the used book store. I can go to a couple of museums and look at art. I can go to my local art gallery crawl and eat a nice dinner for two as well. So it’s sometimes hard to justify the $2 and $3 an issue.

Now, for $0.99 it’s not so bad. It’s not great, it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad. I’d love them to be cheaper, considering that’s more than I paid for the majority of the comics in my collection. It is known that I have a thing for getting a bunch of books at the flea markets, storage unit sales, and hotel conventions. Cheaper the better. There’s value in that for me.

Whenever a brand new book comes out at $0.99 I’m interested. I think this is great and awesome and what more companies need to be doing. I feel like you have removed a good number of obsticles from me getting into your new book. This is very much the case with The Uniques. More imporant than the cheap new issues is the free first issue. I’m down for this. I was ready to buy all nine issues available just to support the idea. Fortunately I read issue one first.

This is what I found inside:

Yeah, he says douche fag

So leading up to this there isn’t a single black face in the book. First ones we see just happen to be criminals. You can say whatever you want, but that’s some bullshit. The first representation I get of people that look like me in your book are committing crimes? I’m out. On top of that, our heroes, the people we are suppose to be rooting for, throw out a horribly offensive homophobic slur! All this happens in one page. It’s just off putting to me. I did read the rest of the issue. Some other black faces show up, but they’re not in more than two or so panels. They don’t do anything. One says “word, yo.” That’s it. The stuff is just racist. I’m headed to a dinner party so I won’t explain why this is the case. Honestly, if I have to explain why this is SUPER problematic then I probably don’t even want to have this discussion with you as it won’t go anywhere.

So while I’d love to support the Uniques for issuing out new comic books digitally at the most (and honestly only) reasonable sustainable price, I just can’t support the content that’s inside the book.


Captain America: Where It’s Been 70 Years, All Those Nazi Should Be Dead By Now August 9, 2011

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I haven’t forgotten about the Captain America part of what I’m doing. I just don’t have as much of a grasp on the character as I do with Batman. I mean, Batman has had fifty bajillion TV incarnations and he was  DC’s Wolverine for a while where they put him in seventeen books each month. Also there’s this:

So I had to take some time and think about what I wanted this Captain America series to be about. Didn’t actually take me too terrible long to figure it out. This is going to be about Nazi. Naw, not really, but the first question I had when I got deep deep into the story is how are these guys still alive? I know how Steve is alive. Frozen and all that. Bucky went through some stuff. Red Skull is on that juice. I get that.

How the hell old is Arnim Zola? What’s the deal with Baron Zemo? What about Baron Strucker and the Grand Director? Doesn’t Crossbones backstory date him back to the 50s with the communist era Red Skull? Maybe they explained it here and I missed it? It’s  just one of those things that’s kind of funny about comic books. Captain America’s origin is something we can’t change now. When Stan Lee resurrected him in the 60s he set the direction for the character forever.

It’s weird, because most of the big market super heroes have origins that we can’t mess with, the difference is most of those aren’t time dependent. Captain America is facing a smiliar (yet much less dramatic) problem to the Justice Society of America. I have no doubt that  the JSA will show up in the new DC Universe sooner or later, what I’m wondering is how they’ll go about it. World War II only gets farther and farther away from us. Pretty soon a lot of things are going to have to change. If Marvel ever has to reboot Captain America again then Steve is going to wake up and not be dealing with his friends being super old, or meeting their children, but meeting his friend’s children and great grandchildren. WWII was so long ago that his significance won’t have the same impact. Why would an Iron Man that got his start in the 1990s, a Thor who didn’t come to earth until 2002, a Spidey who starts slinging webs yesterday, or a Luke Cage who’s been cleaning the streets of Harlem up for ten years now buckle before Cap? Yes, his actions could play a part, and he has the ability to adapt and all, but in a little while this time gap is going to pose a problem. With more characters like the Eli Bradley Patriot or the Victor Alvarez Power Man showing up in the Marvel U Respect is going to be much harder to earn. No more of this, he’s an old white guy, he must know what’s right in the world, stuff. (Note; I like Captain America a lot. I’m cool with how he has the respect of everyone in the Marvel Universe save for Eli. I’m just saying with the Marvel Universe being a cynical place Cap coming right in and taking over is going to be a much harder sell.)

Even more, his Villains that weren’t frozen in Ice with him? The heck are they going to do? Baron Zemo (my personal favorite Nazi of all time) is going to have been a Thunderbolt for sixty years waiting on Capt to come back. Now, if creators stopped fooling around with all this realism jazz it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but in trying to keep things “real” Cap is going to need an all new rogues gallery.

This is not at all what I really wanted to talk about. I really wanted to talk about the feasibility of using Nazis as enemies in the 2010s. This was originally going to be about how the Nazi has lost some of it’s evil impact. Yes, Nazi are evil, but they’re also a joke at this point. It’s one of the reasons I get uncomfortable with retconning real life history. Back to the post I wrote about the integrated army, eventually people are just going to forget that stuff. Things like that Magneto: Manifest book will keep the awfulness of Nazis around, but more and more they’re just the butt of jokes and very easy fodder. Sometimes they’re just lazy writing. Someone’s like “we need to make this dude a bad guy. how we do that?” and someone else is like “duh, he was a Nazi.” or “he collected Nazi memorabilia” or something like this.

If we reboot Captain America in 2039 for the hundred year anniversary how much will anyone care that Baron Zemo use to gas people for fun? Or will Hydra just take over? As weird as it sounds, that might be the best thing to do. It’s one of the strongest part of the New Captain America movie. Maybe they’ll have to remove the Nazi part from all of their backgrounds for the characters to work. I honestly don’t know.