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Fun things about needing public transit. July 30, 2011

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If anyone knows how to embed a google map picture that’d be great.


So here’s the deal, my car is in the shop for some bogus stuff and it’s 100+ degrees outside. So, I can wait on someone to pick me up, I can walk, or I can ride the bus. (Now, I think they offer a service to pick you up, but not everyone does this. As much as I hate mechanics I have to shout out Griffin Brothers for only being mildly skeezy).

That’s not the point of this. The point is, I did a little Google map to see how long it would take to walk the distance as opposed to waiting for a ride and it would be about the same so I figure I’ll wait cause it’s 100+ outside and my ancestors died out there in that heat (and poor people die inside in this kind of heat all the time because they either don’t have AC or can’t afford it or their bodies can’t handle it even if they could get AC on. Mad Props to Cooling Centers) so I can sit inside by a bitchin fan and under a ceiling fan.

The real point is, the real point, is that Google offered up a faster way, bus transit. If I just walk a mile from my house (this is actually not a big deal, that’s how far bus stops are from everyone’s house unless they live in weird middle class type neighborhoods that buses run through. I’m not sure how that works. Cause rich neighborhoods don’t need buses and they don’t go in poor neighborhoods, and they don’t even go in all middle class ones. Just a certain group. it confuses me.) and wait for five or ten minutes the bus will come and drive me  a mile in the other direction where I would then get off the bus and catch another bus to drive me to the car place.

I live two and a half miles from the place. That’s all. Imagine if this is how I had to get to the grocery store, or to work or any of that stuff. When you start casting judgement on people who ride the bus and think about how much more work it takes for them to get where they have to than it does you.


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