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No matter how dark the knight, The underwear must be seen July 18, 2011

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I’m far too tired to actually put things down in eloquent stylings tonight, but something must needs be posted!

So I’ll talk about Batman’s character design in Arkham Asylum. I played through the game for the first time just in the past week and it’s an interesting experience. I had heard how good it was and wanted to try it out, I just didn’t want to pay a lot to do it. Now that I’ve beaten it I’m glad I played it, and I’m glad I paid what I did. I’ve only done the main story mode once and am interested in going through it for a second time. There is a lot that can be talked about in this game. Some things I liked (combat and plot) and some things I didn’t (character designs and dialogue).

I’ll do a more in depth post on the character designs for all the characters in the game, right now, I just want to talk about Bat’s underwear. The game is going for a combination of DARK and GRIM Batman with a “realistic” looking outfit and a hard comic book tone with his underwear being on the outside. It would be one thing if that were an outline, but it’s modeled as underpants on the outside. He has the crazy gauntlets of a madman and the utility belt that doesn’t turn into a sword, yet he’s wearing underoos on the outside of his britches. He also has the mega pointy ears, which would totally get in the way of things the way he flies around in this game, but whatever. All can be forgive when you look at his underpants.

I’m know I’m a few months late on all of this, but that’s as it goes. I know it’s tradition, but Batman Begins broke that costuming tradition and there wasn’t much uproar. If you want me to take the steps with you on this darker and grittier path through the Batman mythos, you’re going to want me to buy into all of it. Unfortunately, every time I stop punching things I am immediately reminded of the fact that this guy made a conscious decision to put his underwear on after his pants.


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