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Busting a Writer’s Block July 11, 2011

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Easiest answer is Vaus.

You’re probably lacking some soul or emotions or something. Listen to music. It’s amazing how powerful the stuff is. We really don’t give it enough credit there. Don’t necesserily listen for anything in particular, that could possibly leave you in the same mental place. That spot where you’re picking and picking and picking and can’t seem to find what you want. Worse yet, it’ll increase that thing where you’re on that endless quest to figure out what it is you actually want. None of that’s good.

Writers block, and it’s cures, has been written about by smarter and more experienced people than me, I just had a small epiphany today whilst working. I was just hopping around different albums, different artists, different genres and caught almost every conceivable emotion. Completely unbeknownst to my Zune I was stuck on where to go in both tings that I’m currently writing. I wasn’t lacking for plot ideas, I was lacking a proper funnel for those ideas. I had no idea which direction to take the story next.

As I’m listening to these songs I was able to catch hints of emotions that I’m currently not feeling at all right now. Bingo. I wasn’t really lacking direction, I was lacking emotion. No, I’m not sociopathic, I’m just not in the mood to make bold and rash decisions and so I can’t make any of my characters make bold and rash decisions. Then you catch a hint of a tidbit from a song and you know that’s exactly the thing you need. A twist of a phrase may be the little character note. Even less, your character may just be a fan of that song and them singing it will take you to the next place you need to go. Never know. A lot of different things can happen when your writing is in the back of your mind while you’re listening to music. A lot of magical and wonderful things.

As long as you don’t forget and write it down.


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