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Been So Long July 10, 2011

Filed under: Books,comics,Movies,Video Games — Micah Griffin @ 17:07

I’m excited!

So I’ve found my groove, mostly as a consumer. I haven’t done this in a long long time. I’m reading books, playing video games, and listening to music in abnormally high volumes. I guess it just sort of  hit me that I’m going to be killing myself in just a month or two’s time with school work. In the past month I’ve purchased nine albums (17 if you include all of The Color Spectrum as different EPs), at least 41 books (yup. 41+), and about 43 games. Now, the games thing isn’t fair. I’ll probably only end up playing about 35 of them, there were just package deals where it was cheaper to buy all the games than to just buy the ones you want.

What this really means is I have a lot more content taking up headspace, which also means I’ll be more inclined to write about stuff, especially since I’ll be condensing all my blogs into just one (or two) blogs. I thought about it, and for as much as I post, it just doesn’t make any sense to have a bunch of different blogs that I essentially write all in the same style. Why differentiate between the new stuff I read and the old stuff I read? Everyone knows I don’t be following on time. Keeping up with movies, comics, tv, and all that is time consuming. Maybe not any one of them individually, but all of them together is rough. Scratch that, even individually if you’re dedicated to a lot of pieces of any one media you’re going to have an impossible time to stay caught up and involved in the conversation.

I’ll just make my own conversation. With myself. Cause yeah. That works best.  From now on this blog is just an exploration of my thoughts. Still not doing a bunch of research on anything. I like some stuff, I do n’t like some other stuff, and I’m really wanting to figure out why that is. I think it’s an important step in getting somewhere. I rather enjoy the discussions of why things are good and bad much more than are they good or bad. I love the minutia of figuring these things out. I want to learn how to write in words for other poeple to understand, why it is I like some of what I like. I think a good numbers of my hobbies could use more of that.

Music has enough pretentious people running around delving deeply into all the nuances of meter to let you know why a song is good. Books have writers who write pages and pages on each individual chapter of a book. It’s a thing. I only know of a couple of people who do it with comics, and even less that do it on video games. Most of the mainstream comic book discussion and breakdown is shallow. Not in a bad way, it’s just shallow. There aren’t a lot of people breaking down panels. No. That’s not true. There are a lot of people who see it. They talk about it here and there. They say “oh, that panel breakdown was super sweet, dudes.” They don’t write it down though. They see it and think about it for a second then move on quickly. They’ll tell you that Jack Kirby was super awesome, and even give a small because. When they do, it’s rarely ultra personal.  They don’t often spend a lot of time with the why the artform connects emotionally with them.

It’s even worse in the video game land. Much worse. That discussion is banal at best. Have you read a game review lately? I can write that stuff, and I can’t write. So the “higher thoughts” haven’t really come into the discussion over there. The greater majority of it is still product reviews. This is sort of a problem with the youth of that industry as a hole and how the internet has informed the people who write and talk about it. There’s a certain style game writing takes on and it hasn’t really had time to break out from that. People love talking about breaking out from that, but it doesn’t really happen that often.

So here I go to fail again where I’ve failed so many times before. So long six months late, dimes all day, comics death watch, aww yeah comics, and adventures of. You’ve all been fun, but you’re all a bit too unwieldy and unfocused. All have given me too many excuses to not write because something didn’t quite fit in one where it could have fit in another. This time, at least, I know I won’t update anything. I also know I’m not going to be changing any landscapes. I am going to try though. Something a little different, at least. The only thing I hope to get out of this is a little deeper joy out of what I consume.


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