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Casey Anthony July 5, 2011

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Yeah. So this is the sort of thing I started this blog over. Stuff that a lot of people care about and all have spent much more time looking into than I have.

So here’s what I know. I go to take my car for an oil change one day hoping to be in and out in a hurry and head myself down to Wilmington, NC and visit my family. Instead I’m stuck in a waiting room with a former TV anchor, two of our Spanish speaking brothers, and older lady who was trying to murder everyone with her facade of niceness. Others walked in here and there, but mostly it was us holding down the fort for entirely too long whilst I waited on a stupid oil change. (editor’s note: Tire Kingdom suuuuuuuucks).

On the TV in the waiting room is Headline News Channel. For those of you without cable television, this is like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the rest, only not as famous. I guess their just the home of Nancy Grace (whom I’m not sure anyone likes). On Saturday morning from 7am until a little after noon, they apparently only have about forty minutes worth of programming that they splice up and repackage in a different order each hour. The first thing I ever heard about Casey Anthony is one of the segments on this fine block. I heard it at least five times.

Goes like this. “Casey Anthony is on trial for murder.” At this point the fake nice old lady talks over the TV and lets us know what’s going on. “This is sad. That hussy was out partying after she had just done killed her kid. Even her family is testifying against her. That awful person isn’t grieving. She must be guilty.”

The old lady then harassed a younger woman who had a small child with her opinion on the case, almost daring the younger woman to prove that the child she had wither her hadn’t been killed and locked in a trunk. The next go around I hear about someone smelling a decaying body in a car or something. Then there was some weirdness about a junk yard? I honestly have no clue. I also, honestly, couldn’t give two shits at this point in time. I’m mad about how long it’s taking them to even get my car up onto a ramp. Then they run some okey doke on me about tires and what not. Four hours later I’m leaving and $500 less in the bank account.

I didn’t hear another word about Casey Anthony up until about a week ago when I happened on some cable tv channel at work talking about it. Or maybe I was out at the mall, or at a restaurant and it was on. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention. I had forgotten all about it. Which is what I feel most Americans should have done. Why do we focus on this one trial? A little baby ended up dying. That’s bad. Little babies die every day and Americans have an amazing ability to not care.

Who is Casey Anthony and why is this so important? Why has America dedicated so much time to this person and this trial? Apparently Casey Anthony is “getting off” on all but one charge. America seems to be in a general tizzy about this, and I’m not entirely certain why. Sure we’re unilaterally convinced of her guilt, but people are let off all the time. No joke. I had to ask myself today for a second if she was black or something. It’s rare you see this kind of outrage on a white girl not going to jail. You have to remember, I’ve seen one picture of Casey Anthony before today, and that was in an abysmal waiting room.

It is interesting how we choose who is guilty of things and who isn’t. When the legal system works and when it doesn’t. We’re fine sending a lot of innocent people to jail, or guilty people to jail for long periods of time on crimes that actually don’t do much, if any, damage to society. No complaints about an unfair system there. Then OJ gets off and people are still complaining about how the system failed. Here we are a bunch of years later and people are talking like this is OJ all over again. We’re talking about how the legal system needs to be fixed and I’m wondering where everyone was a week ago when someone got off on a rape case because the defendant was guilty of not being squeeky clean in every other area of life even though there was definite evidence against him. Most news reports on that case talk about the victim not being perfect and so it’s okay that she probably got raped cause she’s a lying slut anyway. She probably wanted or some bullshit like that. No biggy there. But here we are a week later, and NOW the system doesn’t work. Okay!

I think the criminal justice system is bogus all the time. It doesn’t make any sense. Even Young Jeezy understand that it’s a crazy world where you get more time for sellin dope than murder. Maybe Casey did it and she deserves to go to jail. I honestly just do not know enough about this to say. I do know that I’m completely against us following this one murder trial so closely when it doesn’t effect any of our lives. Who is this woman and who is her child? Who decided that this case needed to be national news as opposed to the hundreds to thousands of other murder trials that go on?



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