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Revamping Truth, Justice, and Where Your Underwear Is June 21, 2011

This is the last one, and since there aren’t many titles I’ll crank this one out tonight as well. This is the last of these wretched things. It’s been a good experiment for me as far as posting stuff on an almost regular basis, but let’s face it. I’m the only one reading this. Which is fine, because I’m really just seeing how fast I can write a bunch of words at once.


I loved loved Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. I love the cover of this book. I love the ridiculous jeans Supes has on as well as the baby sized cape. I love that he’s holding up a giant shoe on the cover. Tell me that isn’t a giant shoe. That said, I don’t have any expectation that Superman will be as silver agey awesome as All-Star was. They’re not going to let Grant bring back that giant monkey he use to fight or give him sons, or read a phone book and memorize every name in it.

I’ll pick up the first trade of this for sure.

Action Comics

I really think the cover of this looks like Superboy Prime and I cannot say why that is. No biggie though. I can’t say why, but I’m just not nearly as interested in Action comics as I am Superman. I can be easily persuaded, I want to like Superman, I just am not certain if this is going to be what I want out of the character. I didn’t even notice the costume change. No underpants on the outside is just unAmerican.

Wait and see, but ultimately pass on this.


I think she is wearing too many clothes. I think a bikini is the most appropriate super hero outfit for female characters. Give me a break. Where’s Jamal Igle when you need him? Oh, that’s right. He’s nowhere near any of  this. Way to go DC. Remember when all the man babies whined about Jamal changing Supergirl’s skirt to a skort? That was depressing. This outfit is more so.

Not touching this book either.


Superboy check list for a good book.

Bad Haircut [ ]

Sweet Glasses [ ]

Team Jacket [ ]

Badder Than You attitude [ ]

Looks like I have no checkmars here. Bummer. I’ll pass on this. I swear I’ll say some really nasty things about this book if I have to deal with the “I’m  the son of superman and lex luthor thing” any more. That story line is about as played out as it gets int he DCU.


Wasn’t that exciting? Now you now a pinch about what I think about each individual title in the DC relaunch, and I’ve played right into DC’s hands marketing for them. Good thing no one reads this, cause then I would actually be marketing instead of typing at the w ind. Maybe the next thing I’ll write is my overall impression of what DC is doing coming up in September. Maybe I’ll even do it with a minimum of cursing.


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