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DC’s Action Force: American Defense June 21, 2011

I heard DC was bringing back war comics but updating them for today and tomorrow and all I could do was sigh. Modern War fiction often bores me, and some of it is just offensive. Not to the soldiers or the ideas of the military or any of that, but just to the intelligence of the audience. Nothing says real life military experience like one dude going into a hostile enviroment and single handedly taking out an entire terrorist outpost. Furthermore nothing says real life like regenerating health. Let’s you really get into the boots of soldiers who, once shot a few times, just chill out near a wall for a minute before going right back to what they were doing.

PSA time. War is serious shit. Everyone knows this. No one is going to read Sgt. Rock and think this actually is how war is. I’m not that dude.  I want my DC war books to either be Unknown Soldier or Unknown Soldier. I feel like writers of war comics often have a loose focus. I’m not saying the tone of a book can’t change, I just am afraid of the books not being sure of what they want to be. If you’re going to be a serious look at war, the perils of war, all the greys of war, and the direct impact of war on the soldiers and those around them then do that. Whether you do it well or not isn’t as important as you know that’s what you’re doing. If you are going to be a celebration of military super heroics do that, and do it well. Whatever your focus is, don’t lose it. No one is going to join a mercenary crew after reading BlackHawks, but this may be someone’s first or only exposure to those ideas. You ideas will be their ideas. Don’t mud up your message whatever it is.



Just read above. I’m super worried about how this title is going to turn out. It sounds positively G.I. Joe. Kill the bad guys before they kill us? If the book is going to be super black and white I hope it is that. If this is going to be a super violent update to G.I. Joe then let it be that and don’t flinch.

No Thanks.

Sgt. Rock and the Men of War

See above again. This one is even trickier to me. I can see this going sooo sooo bad.  I just have no idea if they know what they’re doing. I hope it’s good, but I’m just not holding out any hope.

No thanks.


Uh oh. This could be dangerous too. Lot’s of fans to make angry. So the Wildstorm people must be sweating bullets over what DC plans to do with Midnighter and Apollo. DC guys must be wondering what Martian Manhunter is doing with Stormwatch. I think it’ll turn out better than Captain Atom: Armageddon. My personal plea is that at some point in time Engineer and Doctor are brought into it and don’t suck.

I’m not gonna buy it, but I’ll flip through it to see if DC is able to make this merger work.

All Star Western

Jonah Hex is one of DC’s best books. With one major exception that I can think of, for the past seventy issues or so you can pick up each issue and walk away with an entire story. If I ever had an extra $3 I snatched one up. Gray and Palmiotti are fantastic writing team. I wonder since this book is no longer theirs if we’ll see Bat-Lash, The Trigger Twins, Vigilante, Nighthawk, and other characters of that ilk. I also wonder if They’ll bring back all the amazingly racist Characters like Tomahawk, Pow Wow Smith, and Scalphunter.

I’ll give this one a pass over as well. Hope to hear good things about it.


This costume needs more sharp angles. No, really. More of those please.

Until I finish his old series I’m not buying another book with Deathstroke on the title.


A lot of people talk about how good the Grifter character is. I’ll take their word for it. I did see the movie “Grifters” with John Cusak and I didn’t hate it. I have a feeling this will be nothing like that. Bummer.

If this gets great reviews I’ll flip through it. Not imagining this is a title that’ll change my life.


Love OMAC. Great character design. One of the best designs in all of the DCU. That said. I’ve read issues of Dan Didio’s outsiders. Bugger that noise.

Unless King of the Douche’s John Byrne comes back to write it I think I’ll pass. Or if they bring in that dude from “Jersey Gods” to draw it.

Suicide Squad

That  Harley outfit is absolutely disgusting. Nothing can get me to read this book.

Blue Beetle

I hope half of this book is in Spanish. I hope all of his insane friends are there. I hope they don’t ignore the fact that this kid is Mexican-American and deal with all the problems that come with that. I want a good laugh out loud moment at least once an issue, if not twice.  This book won’t last long, so since it’s going to go out, I hope it goes out with style.


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