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DC’s Stange Tales June 18, 2011

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No need to complain about lack of diversity amongst these titles. We all know that the only black people magic is witch doctoring and voodoo.


Justice League Dark

So what I’m gathering this is really just Shadowpact 2.0 with some more well known characters. At least DC realizes that people don’t read magic books so they’re popping Justice League on the title.

I’m going to pass on this.

Demon Knights

I really like Paul Cornell. I really like Etrigan, even when he doesn’t rhyme. This could be a great book. All the more reason for me to pass on it. Camelot is nifty and all, but I’ve read Bernard Cornwell’s “The Winter King” and that’s about as good as a blood soaked Camelot gets. Not that this couldn’t be a different kind of good. I just am in a place where I’m a bit tired of the super heroes ripping people’s head off thing.

No thanks

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

DC’s Frankenstein is cool. I first found him in Seven Soldiers and it was AWESOME. He’s shown up here and there int he DCU and generally been awesome.  Jeff bemire is positively weird, and that fits in with Frankenstein for me.

I’ll catch a trade of this one.

Resurrection man

I am what’s wrong with comics. I have no idea what resurrection man is, and as such I’m not spending $3 on it. It’s that simple. Instead what I’m doing is trying to find back issues on the cheap. Maybe this will be super awesome and I’ll catch it in the $5 trade bin at a con.


Nope. Don’t do comic book vampires without Blade.


I think this is a Wildstorm character? Maybe? I don’t know. I do know that the solicit totally sounds like it wants to be a book of intrigue. In this day and age that means wait for the trade. Then wait for another trade. Then wait for the third trade. Then finally go to the library and take out the first four trades and hope the book actually answers a question by then. (here’s looking at you General Ross).

Next Post! TEAM KIDS!


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