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Green Lantern Revamp? June 15, 2011

There is a reason DC insists on calling this a revamp, not a relaunch or reboot. This is one of the main reasons. DC feels like if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We can argue on whether or not it is broken, but it won’t do any good. From everything I can tell the Green Lantern universe is staying the same. Still rainbow corps are out there. Hal Jordan still in charge of everything. I still am not reading it. As long as the Geoff Johns is in control and the green lantern books are a series of ways to make John Stewart look dumb or keep him stunted in the background I am out. Just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m going to watch the Justice League cartoon again where John was a badass.

Green Lantern
Hooray books about Hal Jordan!

Green Lantern Corps
Guy and John lead? a strike force of green lanterns.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians
Kyle Rayner leads a multi colored group of guardians.

Red Lanterns:
Atrocitus pukes blood on stuff!

So. Hal is in charge. Kyle is in charge. Atrocitus is in charge. John shares duties with Guy (who is also in another book). I’m just sayin’.

Stay tuned later for The Batman


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