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Justice League Revamp: Pt 2 June 14, 2011

Fury of Firestorm
One of the writers has drawn things for people who are scum and has opinions on people that come from similar backgrounds to me that are deeply offensive.
Not touching this.

The Savage Hawkman
I’m not a huge fan of the turn super hero comics made in the 80s which was towards ‘darkness as realism.’ Especially when the only ‘realism’ involved is just people being torn limb from limb. What does this have to do with Hawkman? The title. It just does nothing for me. Savagery isn’t what I want from Earth Hawkman. Maybe from space cop Hawkman, but Carter is the grimyest archeologist ever. And the dude doesn’t ever smile.
I’m passing on this.

Green Arrow
Where’s Connor Hawke? Where’s Mia? Oh well. While I appreciate long bow and I really enjoyed Year One and the stuff where he was mayor for five seconds I haven’t been enjoying the character for quite some time now.
I don’t have anything against this book, just not interested.

Justice League International
Its like the justice league, but from the rest of the world complete with Batman. I like a good bit of the team, but I just cannot get excited. I wonder if this is a full roster or only half like the regular lead book. This book currently is half female and almost half not white. Impressive for a company that puts monkeys in control of all of Africa.
This is one where I will definitely flip through the first few issues and hope it is good enough to warrant buying a trade.

Captain Atom
My only history with the character is either him as a bit player in another book or the action comics backup two years back. I’m not buying this book. I am just ….eh to it. No feelings at all either way. Hope its good, just don’t care.

Mr. Terrific
Let’s get this out of the way first. That costume is some bull. Is he in blackface? What is up with those lips? So much uncool going on here. I hope the dude is all about fair play, still. I don’t know if this universe has checkmate or the JSA and so I wonder what his role is. Just a solo guy fighting computer stuff? Will it be a spy book?
That said, I love the character so I am going to give the book a try.

DC Universe Presents
This is my kind of book. One off stories, world building, character creation, what is not to like? Its told on arcs. Its not one off stories. That’s what isn’t to like. These books are screaming to be read collected. Why would I buy it monthly?
I may check out the trades.

That’s it for this lot. Next are the Green Lantern books.


4 Responses to “Justice League Revamp: Pt 2”

  1. Omni Says:

    Be interested to know what the Fury of Firestorm writer has drawn? I’m assuming it’s not Gail Simone? I don’t really understand why they would take a book that was predominantly about scientists and science students and put “Fury” in the title… ditto “Savage” in Hawkman as you say.

    I’m quite gutted that Ollie is going back to billionaire status as GA too, I much prefered it when he was broke and fighting for justice on the streets.

    • Micah Griffin Says:

      Van Sciver has done some work for people that can’t separate race from politics. He also associates with Breitbart who is scum of the earth and borderline openly racist and definitely homophobic.
      I understand super hero books like to up the violence, but a lot of the scientists, detectives, archaeologists, and other traditionally non violent occupations seem to not ever do their job. They just beat people up.

  2. Omni Says:

    This would be Andrew Breitbart yes? He is a nasty piece of work indeed!

    It always suprises me how many people with bigoted views and opinions work in the creative medium of comics which (in theory) are supposed to be idealistic and forward thinking. Of course, it’s never that simple is it.

    And yes, it drives me mad when you can read 10 issues of a title plus and the characters never do their actual day to day job.

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