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Justice League Revamp Thoughts Pt. 1 June 11, 2011

Filed under: comics — Micah Griffin @ 09:15

DC has now finally announced all 52 titles involved in the relaunch. Before I’m able to make a lot of coherent thoughts about it I’m going to go through all 52 of the books and give my not well thought out thoughts. I’ll break it up into a bunch of different posts kind of mirroring the announcements. While I’m good for posting six thousand word posts, I’m not sure anyone would want to read it.

The best thing about this relaunch is that if I wait a month I’ll be able to pick up these books for cheaper digitally. So I’ll read more monthly than before. My hope is that at least all of these titles get two trades in case I hear that some of them are phenomenal.

Justice League #1

I know that DC says there’s more to the league than this, but all I have is the cover to issue #1. One black guy, one woman, white male leader. More colorful indeed. I’m not the biggest Geoff Johns fan so I’m not interested in this at all. Especially since the crew consists of three of his pets that I absolutely do not care for, Aquaman, Post-Crisis Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. I know what some people are saying, Micah, this team isn’t so different from the Justice League team of the cartoon you love, or the team from one of your favorite runs on the in continuity book. But see, that’s where we’re wrong. I’m a fan of John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl. Wally West knows how to smile. JLA Aquaman had a hook for hand, so even though I didn’t like him as a character on the league (dude was super sexists at times) I have a thing for Captain Hook.

Not buying this one.

Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman is a character I always want to like, but often don’t. She is often plagued by story lines I don’t care about or writers I could do without. I enjoy her much more as Xena than Sydney Bristow (though if she went straight Sydney Bristow I might like it more).  Azzarello intrigues me. I like 100 bullets. I liked his Batman in Wednesday Comics. Not a huge fan of the rest of his super hero stuff. DC has said nothing about the tone of this book, all I know is that it CANNOT possibly be worse than what’s been done to her and her people in Flashpoint or in Amazon’s Attack.

I might flip through the trade.

Aquaman #1

Tired of these long winded things, yet? Don’t worry. Not buying it, don’t care. I like adventure comics, I like Brave and the Bold Aquaman. Geoff doesn’t seem remotely interested in giving me either of those things.

The Flash #1

I love Francis Manapaul’s art. Still, it is not enough to get me to read a Barry Allen book written after 1986.

Not going to buy this one monthly. I sure as heck am going to flip through the issues in stores to see the artwork.


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