Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

The inherent hypocritical nature of Social Activism July 26, 2010

Filed under: Social Commentary — Micah Griffin @ 21:08

As some of you may have recognized, I’ve moved into that phase in my life where I want to effect some level of social change, somewhere. Anywhere, really, and I’m just stupid and egotistical enough to believe that I quite possibly could do it somehow. I’m hitting this phase a little late in life, but letter late than never right? Gotta do something now before I become weary and all dreamcrushed like the rest of you old farts.
The problem is that I don’t believe in absolutes (save for one, but that’s special). I have a really hard time rallying troops to my cause because I like to listen to the other side before brutally shutting them down. They might have a good idea in there.
There’s also the issues of boycotts and stuff like that. The way the world works it’s just too hard to effectively riot against something. If you decide that proctor and gamble is evil you actually won’t hurt anyone in control of P&G, it’ll actually hurt all the poor workers first. Billionaires are going to make their money, if that means hurting the little people to do it, then they’ll do it. So I can’t call for wholesale boycotts.
What if I pick out one flaw in the system to rail against? It is inevitable that I am, in my life, doing something condemnable on another front. Or maybe there’s another more worthwhile cause that’s not getting my attention. I can’t save the world, but that’s the point of activism, to change the world.
So the truth of it all is, you can only do what you can do. Pick a target and go for broke. I do wish I had entered this phase younger when I wasn’t nearly as disgustingly rational as I am now. Realism kicks the pants out of plans to be a social activist.


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