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All time No Brainer July 19, 2010

Filed under: Books — Micah Griffin @ 20:24

I just read a couple of reports online about how the Kindle is selling more digital copies of new books than physical hardcover copies. BOOKS ARE DEAD! Orrrrr, $10 is much better than $35. All the analysis in the world can’t change that. I’m a book person, I don’t own a Kindle or Nook or Sony eReader or Kobo (look at that equal opportunity shill). That said, I buy most of my books second hand, or read them from the library. I like pages. I like laying upside down with the book. I like squashing flies with it. Putting my drink on it. Using books to build a fort. I love all that stuff. What I don’t love is paying $30 for a brand new copy. That’s just not coo.

I understand that this is tracing NO new ground. I just wanted to put in my two cents on this issue. I hope publishers and those folks get the right info from this and don’t jump to improper conclusions. What this does not mean is that books are dead.  That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. No wonder they get “D”s in everything. Don’t think that people aren’t interested in physical copies, or that only a small dedicated hardcore fanbase wants physical copies for collectors purposes.

Naw, people like physical books. They like hard covers. They like paperbacks. They LOVE mass market paperbacks. Those are the best things on the planet. No matter how cool Nooks are, you will never be as comfortable with those guys at the beach or poolside as you are with a trusty $6 mass market paper back. Ask around, you’ll see.

All publishers need to do is look deep. Don’t go for the sensational headline and try to change your entire business strategy (actually your stupid strategy should have changed years ago, just not for this reason). Just find out why people like digital versions. (cause you can get them instantly and cheap. There’s no barrier to entry once you own the device). People are buying these things in bulk and never reading them. How insane is that?


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