Hypocritical Hyperbole

The Abomination of Obama's Nation

Why racism will never die Part 428. July 12, 2010

Filed under: Social Commentary — Micah Griffin @ 20:25

Same as parts 1-427. Cause people are afraid to talk about it,  plain and simple. Every time the subject comes up people run for  the hills, and their fear turns to anger. Weird issues of jealousy, guilt, insecurity, and outright fear come up. As people, we don’t like discussing those things, so we don’t do it. What happens is, everytime someone wants to have a legetimate discussion about you people turn straight into punks and hide out. They just make up any old excuse as to why this ain’t about race, or how someone is playing the race card, or someone is living in the past and we don’t do that stuff anymore or how because people aren’t out with pitchforks and burning crosses (which they still are by the way, you just don’t see that on the news) anymore that no one is racists. How if anyone is racists they’re only a certain type of person that lives in a certain area of the country. We won’t talk about how just because laws changed, that hearts, minds, and money have not. We won’t look at how people react to each other, why things are the way they are. We look back and say “well things are better so we don’t have to work at this anymore” and before we all know it race relations are bad and only about to get worse here. But no one ever wants to talk about it. They just want to hide away from it.

We’re not a nation of free thinkers anymore. We just take in what people tell us cause we’re too caught up in keeping things easy and smooth. We have just lazied ourselves into becoming a nation of bitches. The kind of people that don’t know how to discuss sensitive issues without resorting to screaming matches and hurling insults.  It’s really frustrating, and it’s going to bite us all  in the butt sooner or later.


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