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On Wonder Woman June 29, 2010

Let’s get this out of the way. Read the title of the blog. Got it? Good. Keep that in mind for the duration of this piece (and all pieces, but especially this one you think skinned, soft bellied humps).

I hate nerds. Yeah, I fall  into the nerd category in some ways, but I’m not one of THEM. You know who they are. You know exactly what they’re about. Killing comics. That’s for another day. Today is about Wonder Woman.

Have I read the issue #600? Nope (is that even out yet?), but that hasn’t stopped a lot of peoples opinions and it won’t stop mine. The costume is fine. Personally I enjoy costume changes. Especially  when they go from stupid to not as stupid.

Thanks IGN. Don't sue me

That’s the new one. I kinda dig it. Better that wretched monstrosity she had  before. Mainly for one reason.  This makes her less embarrassing an archetype. I get  all the explanations for what female super heroes where, I really do. Most of them  make as much sense as sticking all the future Negroes on a temporal island to explain why we aint in the future. Whatevs.

The truth of the matter is (and this problem belongs to more than just comics) some women just can’t take any of this with any remote level of seriousness because of the way they’re dressed. It’s a bunch of cheesecake and ridiculousness. Now, a few of those characters wouldn’t be awful, but it runs the same problem comics have with all their minority characters. When there are only a few of them it’s much easier to notice the flaws. Powergirl’s reasoning for that hole in her suit work much better when everyone isn’t exposing max cleavage. (This is where the haters come in with exceptions that prove the rule).

It’s  no secret that the only run on Wonder Woman I really loved was the Denny O’neil stuff. Yes, it was super cheesy and what not, but it was full of adventure and fun. A bonus was that at least 40% of her outfits made practical sense. The best one was the super all white suit.

Peep that sick suit on the right

Don’t be mad. You know it’s luxurious. But seriously, don’t be mad. We all know the change will last three to six issues and she’ll quickly revert to the tried and true outfit people love. Gotta show them booty shots.

Before you think I’m over exaggurating this here, let’s not be quick to forget the reaction to Jamal Igle putting a skort on super girl. Think that was purely about having things the way they were? Naw bruh. That change is all but imperceptible, except when the skirt blows up, which tends to happen when fighting intergalactic baddies. Why dudes mad? Cause they can’t see panties, which turns them on. That’s a huge part of this. The wonder woman costume turns dudes on, and they just can’t get that hard on the same way with her in Jeans. I wish they had gone all the way and  popped that girl in a t-shirt too,  just to make it worse on the fellas.

We are in the middle of setting things back to the way all the middle age white guys who read comics had it when they first started reading, so when something goes away form that they’re not going to like it anyway. As always, these issues aren’t just black and white, but you’re an absolute fool if you think losing the cheesecake isn’t part of the internet reaction to this stuff. The comic fanbase is small and getting smaller and that hardcore section likes what they like. What they definitely don’t like, is change. I do wonder how they would’ve felt if she went straight bikini though. I do bet you they could sell that shit on tv.


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