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Why I Hate Comics #457: Cry for Justice March 22, 2010

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I really just did not feel cry for justice at all.  It’s just about everything I hate about super hero comics. The needless violence, the over excessive melodrama, death for absolutely no purpose, not telling thorough stories. I understand they want Green Arrow in a darker place and they want Arsenal back for some reason and they didn’t like the current JLA roster so that was going to change. I get that, but just do it then. Do it. Change the roster and make Green Arrow dark again, but don’t do it with sloppy story telling. Don’t do it because you’re too lazy a writer to use a character that probably didn’t need to exist in the first place. So you don’t want Roy to have a kid, why kill her? There’s any number of things you could have done to get rid of that story quirk. Punch a stupid source wall and have her never be born. Darker isn’t always better. It’s not. Dark isn’t deep, it’s not inherently more emotionally resonant. It’s just darker. It’s a tone, and all too many times it’s a stupid tone used to give off the perception of depth and story telling because writing emotional character dramas with super heroes is too hard for a lot of writers without going down the dark path. Watchmen worked so did DKR and Kingdom come. Not everything has to be dark. Not everything has to go to the extreme. The nineties are over. [spoiler]seriously, the way green arrow killed Prometheus was a COMPLETE joke. It’s one of the worst bits of writing I’ve seen in a while. Dude went through all the trouble with the League and had no way of detecting an intruder or dodging an arrow? You can’t explain that away by saying Prometheus didn’t account for Ollie being a hunter. What kind of crap is that?[/spoiler]
At least Batman and Robin is good. I hope the new team on Power girl is good and can keep the same tone. This whole going extra dark direction does absolutely nothing for me. At all. I don’t understand why super hero comics feel the need to make things pointlessly violent to try and communicate emotions in books. It’s really just disappointing. Grant Morrison is totally correct. When you try and spoon feed people stuff it gets messy. Don’t take your reader for granted. Let them be smart enough to figure things out for themselves. Super Hero team rosters change all the time. Could’ve done it in a page or even a book. It would’ve been fine. No need to wait. You didn’t have to break down Star City and kill Lian to put Green Arrow in a dark moody place. Do it without stupid creative decisions. Readers are smart. Readers will get it.
The ends in this scenario don’t justify the means. It’s super frustrating in comics when they clearly have an idea for a character and instead of quickly setting things there and telling that story writers and editors feel the need to work continuity to it so they make these mini series of absolutely no consequence to move characters from one point to another, where they will stay for a year, maybe two, then they’ll jump back to what they were. Just tell your story. No more deals with the devil, no more blowin up cities, no more time travel dimension creations.