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Wednesday Comics Post Mortem Part 4: Deadman January 17, 2010

Filed under: comics — Micah Griffin @ 18:39

First thing first, I’ve been on an absolute Deadman kick over the past year. I grabbed some of the Wolfman run, some strange adventures issues, and his various appearences around the DC/Vertigo universes. It wasn’t on purpose, it just so happened that I found a lot of Deadman stuff in the cheap bins at cons and it hasn’t all sucked.

This Wednesday Comics feature is something fun for me. It’s really hard to do the art style justice in words. The way the panels lay themselves out vary up from issue to issue. I don’t believe any of them are traditional, and all of them work.

Mad Mad Mad props to Jared Flethcer on this¬† one. Lettering is an artform unto itself that is lost and under appreciated. Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuck (two dudes I don’t know)¬† want to communicate a lot of ideas and story in the first couple of pages and Fletcher has to accommodate them with words that don’t overshadow the art. The different fonts for different parts of the story should be noted as much as the page layout changes. Mad love to Dave Stewart as well for dishing out sweet colors.

First half of the first page and we are introduced very well to the whole idea here. Boston Brand was an acrobat, then he was shot. Instead of staying dead his spirit roams the earth and he becomes Deadman. There’s some dude knocking off broads in a nasty fashion. His boss tells him to not get involved, and he ignores her to get involved. Done and done.

Rama Kushna is a fun character to see in this. She gets the awesome green phantom glow. It tints the entire scene she’s in and still manages to not bleed into the rest of the page. I like it when artists take full advantage of the giant page format. Throwing up one image in the center of the page and moving the story around it isn’t bad. Spices things up a bit. There’s a lot of real estate in this thing and it’s good that the team here makes use of it.

The coloring effects of Boston moving from our realm into some form of Hell is sweet. The cliffhanger story telling goes along great with all the effects as well. Multi-colored spirals are always awesome. Well, not always, but when used sparingly they work. It clearly states that someone is being sucked into another plane/dimension/whatever.

LOOOOVE the demon design here. Big blue guy with a giant axe works. The contrast with the orange fire and the pale green Onomatopoeia make the pages here pop. The background detail here is top notch as well. Two moons floating in the background are just a nice touch.