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Trinityt? June 15, 2009

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I hate continuity. But anyway, Trinity just seemed like something I didn’t want any part of. Hearing you guys talk about it was enough for me. It’s not a matter of it not effecting continuity, it’s a matter of nothing really happening in the story. Like, I’m not sure what any of it meant to the story itself. Do we REALLY have a better understanding of the trinity now and their meaning to the overall DC Universe? What was the point of the side characters like the girl who can draw well with the crappy husband and the tribes of people that were wandering aimlessly? I just don’t feel the story knew what it’s main goal was. It started off awesome. Good guys fight bad guys, then after issue 14 or so it really nose dove. Maybe it’s meta and it meant that the DC universe stories would suck without the big three by giving us a story that sucked without the big 3?


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