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I see you Conklin! June 13, 2009

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Marian Hossa, world class loser, has been getting a lot of flack lately for his off season decision to leave the Penguins. It’s well deserved. His leaving the Pens wasn’t a nasty move, he was a late season acquisition not a penguin at the core. The reason he left last year is what has drawn the ire of Pittsburgh sports fans. He left because the penguins couldn’t win Lord Stanley’s Cup. Boo I say to that. They got to the finals last year, wasn’t like he was dying out there on the Minnesota Wild. What a jerk!

Obviously, that came to bite him in the bottom this year. As a Penguins fan I have to say it made the victory all the sweeter. I hated the idea of loosing to a team with Hossa on it. But there’s a villain here that none of us are talking about. At least Hossa is a big player on the Wings. He’s a factor. We can directly tie the Pens victory to him sucking it up hardcore this Finals. The pressure got to him. But I can only hate on him so much when there’s a much more obvious goat.

I see you Ty Conklin, don’t think you’ve escaped. Conklin was the back up goal minder  last season for the penguins. He also left with Hossa to back up Osgood for the Red Wings. This guy just wanted to get his name on the trophy without doing any work. Sure if Osgood had gotten hurt he’d have been in there, but Osgood is a great net guardian. He’s not going down easily. So all Ty had to do to get his name on the trophy is sit on that bench and grow a manly beard. He did that part well. Detroit should’ve known better than to sign this guy though. He’s been through this before. Three times in fact, and been a loser each time. Now I honestly feel bad for this guy a little bit. Three Stanley Cup Finals and an Eastern Conference final. Loser each time. But that doesn’t change the fact that he left a team with a great chance to win a cup and wound up facing that team in the finals, and losing again.

Thinking about this, I’ve turned around again. Ty Conklin, you just have terrible luck. Back up goalies move a lot. It’s something that happens. Marian Hossa. Dude. Tell me how my ass taste.


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