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The Abomination of Obama's Nation

JLA June 12, 2009

what it sounds like to me though is that not only could he not have the big guns, but every time he tried to get a story line working with the characters he had DC would come in and kick him in the pants. I do wish he had forgone any more story lines and just done issues like the flash/wonder woman queen bee issue. Just make it a series of one shots. He could’ve done that.
I just hope that whoever does anything with this series next is allowed to let these characters do something. Watching these losers whine and sit in a room talking is not fun. Really, it makes for a terribly boring book. Event he issues Len has written have been snoozers. Everything since the Milestone crossover started has been put me to sleep material. JLA is the flagship book of the DC Universe. It should be the best book in and out every year. But it’s not. Because DC editorial isn’t letting the writers do what they want after Meltzer left.
Look at Green Lantern. The reason that book is good is because Geoff and Tomasi aren’t being saddled with the rest of the universe. They can do just about whatever they want. Hell JSA is allowed to do whatever it wants. They aren’t being told mid story that they can’t use half the core because they’re going to be making a splinter book that those two have no say in that’s going to be delayed for a year and changed in format and given top billing over the book they’re writing and just deal with it. That’s just bad business. I didn’t know the background but I knew that McDuffie wasn’t telling the stories he wanted to tell cause the guy is an amazing writer and his run on JLA is just been mediocre at best.

Over a year ago they come out and talk about this new book that’s going to do the Justice League right. Our hard traveling heroes were mad and they were going to make a league that was going to do something about the world.
Then it became a six issue mini for whatever reason and all the while they’re still crippling the JLA book editorial wise. Once they announced this the DCU has just been holding it’s breath for the real league. They’re tearing down the team into a bunch of second and third tier characters and putting the few big guns they have left on a book that may or may not actually exist.
To add insult to injury when they start their wholesale destruction of what should be the greatest super hero team in all of comics they do it with an editor’s note that says all the important stuff that should be happening in this book to let you know why we’re down to a league of four is happening in another book that won’t come out for another three or four months.
Seriously. James robinson gets Hal Jordan, who may as well be Jesus to comic book nerds, and green arrow while the JLA gets black canary and Dr. Light. John Stewart is one of my all time favorite characters but he just gets to sit in a space room and talk to black canary. I like the current members of the JLA. I love John, Vixen, Black Canary and I think I like Dr. Light. I love Firestorm hope he stays on. Getting rid of flash, roy, and everyone else is a bit of a joke though. So we have a league of 4.5 (isn’t tattooed man on the team? someone give him a call) that just kind of is sitting around waiting for Hal and Ollie to do whatever before we can maybe possibly get our league back.

As far as artists go, I’ve never given two poops about an artists. Nothing against them, I just don’t care. I don’t study drawing. I paint a little, but not enough to have any serious opinions on it. I can’t tell the difference between 98% of comic book artists out there. It’s not why I read books. I’m a story guy. All I want the art to do is help tell the story. I don’t need fancy, I need effective. That’s not to condemn people who love comic book art. It’s just not me. So delaying a book because a guy is a slow painter just doesn’t wow me. No matter how sweet the art is I’m not going to care. I don’t discern good art beyond a certain level. As long as the action is clear and none of the characters are broken joints or oddly disfigured parts that don’t belong I’m good.

I think the Robinson league book is going to be spectacular. It actually is exactly what I want out of a justice league book. It’s good guys punching bad guys with wreckless abandon. And it has a gorilla. I like gorillas. It has a big seven feel to it. As opposed to four dudes sittin in a space room mopin about waiting for stuff to happen. I dropped JLA cause I just feel betrayed by what they did the last two issues. It’ll take a lot of work on their behalf before I give that book my money again.


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