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How we decide who’s truly good April 11, 2009

Filed under: Sports — Micah Griffin @ 00:00

This Jay Cutler story has brought an interesting point to light for me. How do we decide what players are good or not? Everyone is so quick to say that Jay Cutler is such a good quarterback and such a great player because the team around him is so bad. He doesn’t win, he throws interceptions, whines, and makes bad decisions.For some reason we seem eager to place all the blame on his defense and lack of running game. The fact that he throws for so many yards is a great thing. Let’s not forget that Denver has one of the best offensive lines year in and year out. Oh, and he does play against the chiefs, chargers and raiders twice a year.

Drew Brees throws for millions of yards a season, yet it’s not uncommon for people to say how meaningless those stats are because his team isn’t in the playoffs. The saints defense is no good, they have no running game, but his ability to rocket the ball around the field is viewed in a different and not always positive light.

Jamarcus Russell is on a terrible team, he’s not considered good. Everyone is labeling the guy a bust without giving him a chance. He plays for the worst owner in the league, his defense is a joke. He’s had a bunch of lame coaches. Lane Kiffen and Tom Cable aren’t setting the world on fire. Yet at the end of the season he pulls his team to two straight wins. He also won the midseason battle between Oakland and Denver. But he’s a bust at qb and should be shipped out as soon as possible.

This isn’t the only case it happens all the time where we arbitraily latch on to players and proclaim them something they’re not. I’m not trying to argue that Cutler is a bad quarterback, and won’t make Chicago a better team, I’m just trying to point out that we pick and choose what criteria apply to what players to suit our feelings. There’s no facts involved. There’s no eyeball test.  It’s just that we’ve crowned this one guy amazing and this other guy a busts, and even though everything points to most of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL being around the same talent level and the team around them is what seperates them we can’t accept that and look at players even handedly.


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