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How long is long enough?: or why I hate baseball April 11, 2009

Filed under: Sports — Micah Griffin @ 00:46

All over the sports scene columnists, tv show hosts, podcasters, and radio show hosts tell us how the NBA, NHL, and every sport that isn’t football is too long. Except for baseball, which is the longest of all American sports. Where each individual game means the least. The games last the longest and have the deepest periods of inactivity.

I don’t get it, I really don’t. I didn’t grow up worshiping baseball. It’s always been my least favorite of the American sports. Talk about hypocrisy. The NBA and NHL have 82 games. Which makes each game in both sports twice as important and any single baseball game. Opening day is this religious event, but nothing that happens in April has any effect on what goes down in September and October.

There’s an argument that the fourth quarter is the only important part of an NBA game. Huh? What is this? You can sit and watch four hours of a baseball game where any particular segment can go on infinitely?  Baseball innings are the least important segment of any of the major sporting events. If any sport can be ingored up until the end it’s baseball. There’s no excitement in the 9th inning because there’s nothing to look forward to. The ending is near arbitrary.

These baseball purists talk about how spending all this time with these players is what makes the game great, but only for baseball. Not for anything else. We won’t take time to learn about the kids in the D-league with a chance to make it to the pros, or the college kids except for one month a year. Nothing makes baseball players more intriguing than the fact that all these middle aged white guys grew up worshiping the game.

I’m not going to get into the racial and cultural aspects of the sports conciousness and all, but it has to be brought up as a reason. Basketball has gotten more black since the sixties, Hockey has gotten more european, baseball has gotten less dark. More asians and white people. All the blacks in baseball are from Central America, and the influx doesn’t seem as high as it use to. Baseball is again becoming America’s White sport. But let’s not dive into that.

All I want is for someone to explain to me why baseball is allowed to be the longest game on earth. Why are the nine untimed innings and 162 games someting lauded where the forty eight to sixty minutes and eighty-two games of other sports are spat upon.


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