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Thoughts on Wrasslin’ April 4, 2009

Filed under: Sports — Micah Griffin @ 22:29

I was listening to Jason Smith’s late night radio show today and he was talking about life and the lessons he learned from the old WWF Wrestlemanias. About good and evil, betrayal, what not to wear.

It got me all thinking about how different the experience is now from when I was a kid. Never a big wrestling fan, I missed out on the fun of seeing your favorite guys attempt to drive the gooshy bit out of their fellow man with tables, chairs, and ladders. That said, just by knowing other boys I knew about a lot of the story lines and plots. They were for kids. They were dumb, and juvenile, and seemed to me made for children.

My eleven year old brother LOVES wrestling. Watches it whenever he gets the chance. He’s my window into that world and I’m a little disturbed. I have this old notion that wrestling is for kids much in the same way people talk about video games and comics despite all the evidence to the contrary.  Maybe I’m looking at things different now and if I went back to the stories of ten years ago I’d see they haven’t changed much.

So is wrestling something that isn’t for kids anymore? Maybe it was never meant for children and they were always just caught in the wake. Maybe children are less of a focus and they’re trying to appeal to an older demographic and forgot to send the memo to those kids. There’s no reason for this post. Just musing.


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