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X-men Manifest Destiny #3/4 January 14, 2009

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X-men Manifest Destiny 3 and 4. these are a bunch of short stories. The iceman story I could do without. little mystique is really really cute but that’s about it. It’s droll. C

The cheering up peter story was funny and kind of cute. Of course Colossus is in the dumps cause kitty pryde is dead. which honestly I didn’t know until I read these two. his life is sad and the x-men try and cheer him up. The things they try are great. but at the end of the story we see what sort of cheers him up and it’s heartwarming. cheesy, but effective none the less. B+

There’s a story with mercury and. . some other mutie girl I don’t know and mercuy is going through teenage mutant blues cause her parents hate her. Her friend gives her therapy and she beats up some bad guys and finds out she’s special. cute but not fantastic. B-

There’s a story where beast is trying to figure out what’s wrong with this one mutant I’ve never seen before. He has post traumatic stress issues. Beast goes through his powers and where they came from all the same time this mutant is telling his back story. Beast can’t figure out why he ended up so disenfranchised or what have you but it was pretty clear. beast is just dumb. then we see who the mutie is talking to and it all becomes clear. synopsis. beast is stupid. B-

The last story was the nightcrawler story. easily my favorite of all of them so far. All it is is him fighting different danger room scenarios trying to figure out his problem. Lots of internal dialogue and self diagnoses. Anyway he figures out his deal and has a really cute scene at the end. A+


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