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Ultimate Spider-man Annual #3. January 14, 2009

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If I was a girl I would’ve cried. The problem with picking up a bunch of comics late is that I’m not sure when this one takes place. Doesn’t matter, still a terrible tear jerker. The important part of this story is Parker and MJ talking about doing it. Parker’s internal dialogue about being in high school and being in love was very much the same way I talked to myself. It’s great. The ‘action’ part of this story is about a mysterious crime that involves a car driving itself. The crazy thing is that this marks a turning point in Spidey’s relationship with the NYPD. Good stuff. I’m glad we’re getting to this point now. We also meet midtown high’s newspaper squad. Their goal is to uncover the identity of spider-man. MJ, of course, works for the paper. The talking with her and petey is fantastic. Some of the most fun stuff I’ve read in a while. Then we meet the bad guy. He’s totally boss. Love the ultimate version of him. What a pimp. Anyway. we end the issue with more peter and mj talking. And they talk about stuff and to do and not to do and so much and so forth and it’s heart warming. It really is. I love these characters.
I LOVE THIS BOOK SOOOOOO MUCH. I don’t read it monthly and go months sometimes without picking up an issue. Then I read a few and remember how much I love this book. I love this book. A++++ +


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